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Hour count and parroting; are they valid?


What do you think about parroting and hour counts?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about parroting and hour counts?

    • Only parroting is valid.
    • Only hour counts are valid.
    • Both parroting and hour counts matter.
    • Neither of them are important.
    • I dunno lol.

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subconsciously chaining the tulpa's progress to that point


It's far worse than that -- you aren't ensuring that your tulpa won't reach a certain point before a certain hour count. They can still grow beyond where you expect before the required hours, but you will see anything they do before that point as fake. And then you're screwed until you discard the hour-count crap; you've declared a real response fake, and all further real responses will be the same in nature, and therefore also fake.


This is why I said hour counts are toxic, not just a slowdown.

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When it comes to parroting and puppeting, then first you have to realise it is beneficial to teach the tulpa some skills (like walking, moving, talking ...), but I don't think it will help sentience, but we didn't test it much yet, so maybe it does. It can certainly help, but it has to be done either in small doses (preferably with also telling your tulpa why you are controlling them) or you could try JD1215's way of doing, puppeting and parroting for a week or two and then stopping entirely. When it comes to Fede's method ... well I have yet to see someone going fast with it (like e.g. I did with my own method), so I would assume it slows down tupper's development more than FAQman's method.
Both work, when one isn't doubtful. This applies to all methods.
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