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Absolutely. It sounds just like a Tulpa to me, and I've heard of other people creating a Tulpa by accident. (I'm one of them :P)


Thank you! That answers a lot of questions for me. I think I'll become a regular poster here. :)

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Thank you! That answers a lot of questions for me. I think I'll become a regular poster here. :)

You're welcome, and I hope to see you and your Tulpa in future posts ^.^

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I already have the feeling that I know the answer but I do want to check in with other people regardless: changing your (the host's) form in the wonderland doesn't negatively impact anything, does it? And I don't mean like, minor changes like sprouting wings or changing your skin blue. I mean more like changing into something like a ten-story tall dragon or something of that nature.


And I guess since I'm at it, does anybody else do that as well?

Sharu (host) || Arro (tulpa)

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I believe Chupi has done it, and others as well, though I'm not remembering other names. Definitely no negative effect.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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I've known about the Tulpa phenomenon for quite awhile but never really put much thought into making one of my own until very recently. Unfortunately, my first few encounters with the concept was through a creepypasta and I think a Reddit thread questioning if everyone in this community was either role-playing or 'forever alone' types trying to make themselves crazy. I've always been a live and let live kind of gal and I've never felt the need to mock anyone with alternate ways of thinking so I never bought into the hate, and while I enjoy a good creepypasta, I never consider them real.


Anyway, I've only started to consider making a Tulpa about week or so ago. At first I was hesitant since the thought of having a permanent voice in my head seemed like something I might not actually want, but the more I've read throughout this community, the more of my fears have been alleviated. One of my big worries was: What if I do actually create a Tulpa and come to regret it? I can't just stop once I've created a sentient being. But with the more I read, the more I have become convinced that such a thing wouldn't happen. I've come to the conclusion that creating a Tulpa would only be a positive force in my life and I truly want it. I have almost no doubts at this point. I've pretty much been reading every guide I can get my hands on for the past four to five days and taking it all in. I refuse to believe that you're all just a bunch of role-players or delusional neckbeards, as some parts of the internet would claim. I have no doubt in my mind that this is real and with the brain being as unknown as it is, that perhaps you/we are tapping into a phenomenon that just hasn't been fully understood yet. I want to better explore my own mind/thoughts/imagination too and I don't care if it's considered crazy or delusional.


On to the whole reason why I'm posting this! I've got a general outline of where I want to start and where I'm going to go with this. I've got a few questions I want to ask and I'd also like to make sure that I'm not about to do something wrong.


Starting out, my first goal is to simply get a decent grasp on meditation and work on forming a Wonderland. I'm going to, at the very least, start out by focusing on a breathing technique for at least ten minutes for every session I start. My Wonderland will be a simple room with a few key features. I don't feel the need to expand outward into something big that will require more focus, at least not yet. If I'm going to create a bigger Wonderland, I'll do so with my Tulpa.


Now, onto the Tulpa himself. I've never been any good at naming the characters I come up with for my writing and that seems to extend even here LOL. I've decided to leave him nameless for the time being. He can either name himself, or we can work on it together, or he may simply want to remain nameless. I've decided that once I've finished visualizing my wonderland, I'm going to move onto an introduction of sorts. He'll be in a basic form at the time that will have been visualized along with my wonderland. I'll get more into his form in a little bit. I'm going to introduce myself to him, explain to him why I'm doing this and for what reasons, why I need him, and whatever else I can think of. I don't know if this is the best way to go about it or if I should work on his personality first before giving him a big introduction.


With that, we might as well move onto his personality since this is where in the process I'm planning on working on it. I've got a list of something like 30 personality traits for him. I've decided to both narrate and use symbolism for this. Starting out, he will be in the form of a computer and from there I will give him 'discs' to install for each trait while explaining to him why he is that way. Once all of this is finished, I will move onto visualizing a more complex form for him and continue on with narration until he becomes sentient/vocal.


So, now all that's left is a few questions.


Can I withhold certain memories or thoughts from my Tulpa? I have certain embarrassing...things that I'd rather not have him take notice of. They're stupid, silly things to be embarrassed about, but still. There's a reason why I'm glad they only exist in my head but now there'll be someone in there to see them too. I guess what I'm asking is, will he care? Will it even matter? I've considered using symbolism for this. I would visualize myself putting these things into a locked box and telling him not to open it and if I ever think about these things then he is to ignore, avoid, or make no acknowledgment of it, but I just don't know. It's not THAT much of an issues, honestly. I can live with it. Hell, he might even be accepting, but I just don't know. I'd rather not have it come up in conversation at all LOL.


Question number two: What do I do about giving him a certain sounding voice? I've got two narrators in particular with hours of audio to use. I was hoping to have him sound like a mixture of the two. So, what do I do exactly? Have him listen to their voices? Where in the process do I do this? Does it have to wait until he's vocal, or is it more important to do it before then?


That's all for now. I feel like there was more questions I wanted to ask, but I'm too sleepy to remember right now. I plan to start working on visualizing my wonderland tomorrow. I was going to start sooner but this weekend has just been too busy. If need be, I'll post any other questions I have later.

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You can withhold memories and thoughts. When I started out, I withheld all memories and thoughts. After a while, I came to the conclusion that it didn't really matter. Tulpas are probably the closest thing to unconditional love that most of us will ever get. They often see your dark secrets the way you might see them yourself. Perhaps not entirely approvingly, but completely accepting of you.


As to the voice, you've got it. Listen to the voices often, imagine something between them, and if you want to do even more, you could use software to digitally mix the voices together. I believe there's a program called Voice Converter that does that.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Greetings ladies, tulpas and gentlemen.


I have got a bunch of short questions for you, I'd be grateful for any response(s).


Over a year ago I have decided to create a tulpa. There was some kind of a beggining, I've been tulpaforcing for quite a while. Sadly a few things happened and I've left it till now (kind of laziness and doubts have played their little part aswell to be honest).


Today it's the third day when I am paying most of my attention to my tulpa (or at least trying to do so). I'd want to ask a few questions, because I am not really sure whether I am doing it right. And, as always, maybe I'll get a helpful tip.


Please dont yell "lol just se4rch", because there are a lot of useful posts, but not exactly describing my case.


1. Straight off: What are the consequences of leaving a rather poorly grown up tulpa for a year? Do I have to do something like "find her" or let her know she's not forgotten...


2. Is it possible that she wont speak to me because she's angry/(any other appropriate emotion)? To be honest, leaving her is among one of the things I regret most in my life. Is there a chance something, well, bad happened to her due to the lack of my presence?


I've began talking to her like old days. Just describing stuff, asking her questions...

Questions. I often dont get/hear any answers. If any, they are really short - it feels way more like I was desperatly responsing myself instead.




"What kind of flowers you like most?"

At this point I feel like I am myself browsing the list of flowers I know. Selecting one is almost just like I was pushing myself into saying its name.


Generally when I am asking something that requires more than yes/no, I feel/see the whole thought process, like I was doing it myself. Bah, little said. Unless somebody corrects me, I'll probably keep assuming it was me. Its so similiar.


It seems she never says anything on her own (doesnt start anything). However theres a high probability that I simply take that as my own itrusive thoughts, isnt there?


"What's your favourite car brand?"

Immediately once I finish I hear some thought calling one of the car brands.


Honestly, that seems a bit nonsense because I have no idea about car brands whatsoever. Of course I recall a few, but saying anything more about them is beyond my limits. So picking a favourite one is.... just like immediate picking your favourite rocket fuel producer once youre asked by some random dude. Of course I'd never say it wasnt her, I'd just like to hear your opinions.


Also, could you tell me what do you think was the most valuable/important/beneficial thing you've done during your tulpa creation process?


Thank you for any ansers.

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1. Tulpas thrive off of attention. Leaving an undeveloped tupper alone for a year probably means she's faded to the point that you'll basically be starting over. If you want to try to "find her" or call out to her, you can, but it won't be anything more than symbolism, which can be helpful but isn't necessary. At this point it might be best to just think of her as a new tulpa and move on from there.


2.Like I said, she probably isn't sentient at this point, so she probably can't be angry or resentful. I'd just approach her with love and reassurance, and leave out the regrets. Even if she has some awareness of being left, tulpas tend to be very forgiving when it comes to their hosts.


If you're worried about intrusive thoughts, don't be. Early on at least, you're going to get junk responses, but I found that it's just easier to treat them as legit. There was a period where I had a problem with intrusive thoughts, but worrying about it made it infinitely worse, so I just took to asking whenever she said something that seemed too weird. More often than not, she'd let me know right away if something wasn't right.


The most beneficial thing I did during her creation process was learning to keep a consistent schedule. Force every day, find a way to keep her in your mind during the day and try to narrate as much as possible. Skipping a day always made it feel like I had lost tons of ground, and skipping several days was almost like starting over. Try to make forcing something you enjoy, instead of a chore and think of your tulpa like an old friend that you can't wait to talk to about everything. You guys share a brain, so you have a type of bond you'll never have with anyone else.

I wanna see movies of my dreams.

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Hello Dracky, thank you for your answer!


Another question... What was the thing that ensured you it's your tulpa speaking to you? I mean, surely all of us had doubts for some time when creating the tulpa... And I'd want to know after what you could finally think "yeah, damn, it's my tulpa!"

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