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Active forcing techniques that feel more like games?


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First I'm sorry if this was already asked, I'm not always the smartest person ever.


But anyways, I really want to active force with my tulpa but I just can't focus. Like, for me active forcing is really boring and I always space out and start doing something else. So I was wondering if anybody has any techniques for active forcing that are more like games?

 And I have seen some people posting their methods that are more like games but my tulpa normally isn't independent enough for those. 

 But my tulpa can kinda speak (we are really focusing on vocality atm), they have formed some of their own opinions but for the most part haven't voiced any other opinions besides the fact that they hate girl in red, and that's all I can think of. 

I hope this is clear enough because this is my first post besides my introduction- ;-;


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Reese, he/him.

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Structure is very helpful in development. I found that making like/dislike lists and personality quizzes were helpful. There are guides like that out there too for identifying personality. If you want to make a game of it you could make a point-threshold reward system. Every time your tulpa shares a thought or opinion or tells you about themselves give them a point. Maybe more points for more elaboration. Then for example every 5 points is a headpat/high-five/hand shake, 10 pts is a kiss/hug, 20 pts is their favorite food and 50 pts is you watch their favorite movie/show together. 100 is obviously BFFs because they're probably quite active by this point. But it's your game so your rules. You could solitaire a 2 player card/board game (which I'm currently in the middle of right now with Jaina Hello! *waves*😁) and play for the both of you. When it's your tulpa's turn ask them what they want to do. Even just gently prompting a question/decision and listening as often as possible can be useful.

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As far as an active forcing method that is a game, try playing The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS with your tulpa. The game has a unique control system where on the bottom screen you control Neku using the touch screen, and on the top screen you use the d-pad to control your partner. You have to keep track of both of them to play effectively, and in our experience, it's a wonderful forcing method. Have fun :) 

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I think "Would You Rather" is good for low vocality. We played that on like, my second day of existence


We also tried different foods together. That's always fun

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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Not sure if you're still looking for advice on this, but one thing that we do sometimes is simplified Blackjack (no betting involved). All you need is a way to keep score and a deck of cards.


Here's how we play:

  1. Ask your Tulpa if they want to play first or second (if you feel the need to);
  2. When it's your Tulpa's turn, ask if they want to hit or stand, and give or don't give them a card accordingly;
  3. After both of you have played you draw for the house, we usually have the house draw until it reaches 17 (or busts);
  4. Give a point to people who beat the house;
  5. Repeat until you feel like stopping.


This isn't really for developing anything specific, just a good way to get used to hearing your tulpa. Also, I know it might sound comlicated if you haven't played cards much, but it's super easy after a round or two.


Here's a quick reference for regular blackjack rules if you need it (you'll only need the first little bit): https://www.blackjack.org/blackjack/how-to-play/


Good luck!

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