Tulpaforcing Side Effects

What side effects, if any do you experience  

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  1. 1. What side effects, if any do you experience

    • Headaches
    • Head pressure
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Decreased concentration
    • Tinnitus
    • Spasms/twitches/tics
    • Paraesthesia
    • Negative impact on mood
    • Positive impact on mood
    • Visual hallucinations (unrelated to tulpa)
    • Other hallucinations (unrelated to tulpa)
    • Decreased libido
    • Increased libido
    • Ear pain
    • Memory anomalies
    • Insomnia
    • Paranoia/Anxiety
    • Other (post what specifically)
    • None

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I rarely get headaches whilst tulpaforming, however, I have noticed that after doing so, I tend to either be really happy or pretty PO'd.


I also seem to become slightly dizzy/disoriented after 'forming.

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Memory anomalies is a big thing for me! I'll be doing something, and I'll have the sense like I have I finish quickly so I can do something else, like rushing my homework to read or something, but when I finish, I have no idea what I was going to do. Like, I feel the memory fleeing my brain? But I can never for the life of me remember. It's happened a handful of times. As well as déjà vu, but waaaay more than normal

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  • Insomnia - I think? I had trouble sleeping at times when I used to attempt lucid dreaming months ago, and before I made progress with a binaural beat, I had strong urges to take naps. I still want to take an hour nap or so frequently, probably because I'm doing things militantly.


  • Increased concentration - After forcing and narrating, I usually want to do more and go for hours. It fades away maybe after half an hour I guess. Not really a side effect, but it can lead me to doing random things longer than usual.


  • Emotions - It's pretty subjective, maybe I get tensed up, excited, or just bleh

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Tulpa-specific meditation has often triggered hypoglycemic 'attacks' for me. Also, any sort of really powerful altered state of consciousness — tulpa conversations, attempted remote viewing, OOBE, etc. — tends to result in a migraine.

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When I force or image stream frequently, my mind's eye improves dramatically for a few days, it becomes so quick, strong, lively. Concentration's better as well, it's like after mediation. Head does hurt a little. I'm too tulpaless to know of any long-term effects.

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Tulpas work great as painkillers too. Yesterday we got our right hand mauled by a forklift and spent a few hours in the hospital. the medicine given to us didn't remove enough pain so Cherry tried to block it and succeeded.

After further testing today it seems that tulpas blocking pain work equally well compared to strong painkillers, neither removes all of it but combining the two I can't feel any pain at all.


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I once experienced some odd ear aches, which evolved into a toothache in my molars through the course of the day.

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tfw i messed up and didnt click on positive impact on mood ;_;


im somewhat surprised by the lack of votes in "Visual hallucinations (unrelated to tulpa)". both me and my friend have experienced these weird flashes shortly after forcing. my friend even said he has heard a really loud bang somewhat like a gunshot.


Very interesting. I have only experienced visual hallucinations when sleep deprived or just waking up. Though I have experienced one episode of intense hallucination after meditating in a dimly lit room for about an hour. I felt an overwhelming sense of terror (Doesn't make sense) and hovering about 2 feet off the ground was an irregular geometric shape. It was flashing bright white and seemed to be changing the light levels of the room. I was worried that I was going insane but luckily it hasn't happened again.

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