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Want a tulpa who is really smart from the start? Follow my method.



NOTE:Tulpa can become smart without this (obviously), this is only to speed up the process.


Now, to any prospective tulpamacers, I strongly recommend you use Fede's methods and tones. DO NOT listen to the people who hate on them, his methods are perfect.


However, one thing it fails to go over is the knowledge and intelligence of tulpae. Some people want to teach their tulpa over time, others want a smart tulpa right away, if you fall into the latter group, this if for you.


Firstly, create a curious tupper. They may actually force you to read/learn things you would not have otherwise looked into. Mine alone made me read 5 40-100 page long papers on black holes, and is now forcing me to learn C.

Secondly, share ALL your thoughts with your tupper. Just do it. That way they will learn everything you want them to know.

Obviously parroting is important during creation, but if you were reading Fede's guides you would know this. Parroting helps with vocality, and the better and more you do it, the better the linguistics of your tupper will be.

Some have said you should make more than one tulpa at a time, but that is somewhat optional. I don't recommend it. It does help to base it off of a person/character that already exists, and let it change from there, but this too, is optional.


Obviously, this all falls on top of Fede's guide, which you should use.

Good day, and always remember, USE FEDE'S METHODS AND TONES.

Name: Twi (she wants a new name, we are thinking of one)

Form: Twilight Sparkle

On: Talking/communication


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But if said weird advice is written in a poor way, it's not up to standards and can't be approved.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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