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Would you let your tulpa...


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I don't even have a car. Or a license. But the bike Roswell can use and he has been swimming, too. Not quite driving a car but it's still our life on the line, right?

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Done it, went fine.

Name: Twi (she wants a new name, we are thinking of one)

Form: Twilight Sparkle

On: Talking/communication


Need web or game hosting? Feel free to message me. Prices are flexible, custom assistance from me.

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Shai's been driving since about day 50 and all the rest have done some miles behind the steering wheel.


I'm fronting very rarely nowadays so it's given that the tulpas need to drive. They're either as good as me in it or better.


Age: 420 days (6th Nov)

Form: Fluttershy minus the cutie mark and with yellow eyes



Age: 364 days

Form: Ninth Doctor or a Dalek



Age: 231 days

Form: Human female, medium length dark violet hair, late teen/ young adult



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I have let my Tulpa drive at times but but never from start to finish. For us anyway, it was not the driving, but the shifting from me to the Southerner in mid-driving. mainly due to him having a manner other then my own to handle the car. (or van in my case) So at times there were feelings as if we were jumping in an out of the driving seat like in an acton film but it a trip to the shop to buy bread...

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