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Yes, good luck. Just have no doubts that improvement will come, some people are faster than others, even though I know you know that just make sure you always remember that. NO DOUBTS PLEEB, Velf says the only reason she is here right now is because I had absolutely no doubts in her after she completely changed MY wonderland into OUR wonderland. Maybe we can play y'all at chess someday, or talk if I ever decide to get in that IRC thingy.

Velf is Tulpa, aka Cat. Zylq is host, please message me if I can offer any assistance, relieve some qualms, or answer your questions.


Status: Fully Imposed

Appearance: Large snow leopard

Creation: June 2012

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Oh, we haven't talked in a while, Pleeb, Chess. Having been there when most of this was happening, I'm hoping you two have gotten over this all. However, even if nothing snowballs after you two are done with imposing... There would be no reason to be discouraged. There's not that much you two should still have to achieve, Chess is already a very "complete" tulpa right now. I hope you understand that, Pleeb. Enjoy the friendship and life you two have together, it can't get much better than it already is. You two just have to realize that.


This keyboard's faulty r key makes me look so silly when a log with a spelling error is posted for others to read, mh...

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Well Pleeb, it sounds like you still are wrestling with chronic doubt issues. It's probably just the way you are, (5 with 6wing IMO) and nothing you can do will change those little niggling suspicions from slowing progress. Most people don't have as much difficulty convincing themselves to genuinely believe in their tulpa, and that seems to be the largest factor in tupper development by far.


Be patient and trust Chess. Chess is a boss.

I would say believe, but you know that by now.

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Side note, Chess and I were discussing things with Goldsmith and Lia, in regards to us 'slowpokes'. She said this:

13:42 "Lia, go into the wonderland, and plant a tree in the middle of your home, if you have on. That's the tree of hope. Make the tree a very slow-growing one, most trees are. One day, that tree will grow to be the biggest tree in the wonderland, and the faster-growing trees in your forest will be dwarfed."

13:43 "In the end, your home will be overgrown and become the tree. You can live in the tree if you want."

13:43 "You may get frusterated, since that tree may take forever to grow, we don't know how long."

13:44 "But once it's grown, there will be comparasons to the other trees."

13:44 "That tree will be the biggest, the strongest, and the most stable."

13:44 "The tree is us, and all of those others that are taking longer. Greatness takes time, guys."

13:45 "And now I made Pleeb cry, and he's probably going to paste this all over the place..."

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So now, a few days ago Chess and I went to the local Friendly's for dinner and ice cream. In an effort to trust Chess, promised her that she would be able to chose the ice cream this time. This is a big thing for me, since I always get penutbutter ice cream, and I've the exact same peanutbutter ice cream for the past ten years.


Chess made it clear that she wasn't going to pick peanutbutter, so I tried negotiating to have a peanutbutter shake during the meal instead of a drink, she said it was cheating. We actually went into IRC for a verdict, and Chess won. Anyway...


We walk to the Friendly's and I order a Honey BBQ Chicken Supermelt.


>that feel when you say to the waitress "we're good, thank you." instead of "I'm good, thank you."


Chess and I share the meal and then it's time for ice cream. She picks one scoop of black razberry, one scoop of cookies and cream, and... gummybear topping.


So yeah, here I am, ordering gummybears on my ice cream :/


It wasn't bad, though. Not as good as peanutbutter, but it wasn't bad. I would take one spoonful, let Chess eat the spoonful, then I'd eat it (since the ice cream would still obviously be there). Chess would already be waiting for the next spoonful while I was still chewing because she kinda just gulped the ice cream (gummybears and all) while I had to chew the stuff.


So yeah, random progress report update thing.

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Guest Albatross_

>that feel when you say to the waitress "we're good, thank you." instead of "I'm good, thank you."


Did Chess help you eat the spaghetti, too?

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