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So, someone in the IRC was like, "Chess, when you're pone, would you mind being ridden?"

And chess was all, "…do you want to ride me?" and they were all "Just wondering, some pony tulpae get offended by that." And Chess replied, "I should shrink Pleeb and he can ride me!"


So on the bus ride home, we did, in the wonderland (she's a pegasus in her pony form, and it was really an interesting experience). We flew for about a half hour, and while we were flying through this desert, we spotted this 'outpost' thing. Like, a tower.


Since we weren't quite sure how to get back there, we set up a one-way teleport to the area, so we could check it out later. Well, we checked it out today:

18:25 In other news, Chess and I explored that tower today.

18:25 It's more of an outpost.

18:25 Oh?

18:25 An outpost for whom?

18:25 Well, we got there, and the outpost was populated, with like, these orc-type dudes.

18:26 They were intrigued to meet up, seemed sentient enough.

18:26 Invited us in for dinner, and even had a backstory.

18:26 Like, they called themselves members of the something-dynasty (I forget), said they were the last of their race and seemed pretty much obvious to us, the outside world, etc.

18:27 (this is like, really deep in the wonderland, it took like, a half hour of chess-speed flying to make it there, and Chess can be pretty fast)

18:27 (half-hour actual time)

18:27 It was interesting, they hunt by having orc-dudes on the top of the outpost, and they hunt birds flying by.

18:28 They freaked out when I tulpaforced meat for 'em.

18:28 (He's a witch!)

18:28 More like "He's a god!"

18:28 ;D

18:28 * Tesseract giggles

18:28 That's a better reaction. :>

18:28 And Chess transformed for them, as well.

18:28 Into battle elf mode.

18:29 In the end,

18:29 Ah, nice. I imagine that impressed them too?

18:29 Chess and I asked that if they're the last of their race, why hunker down in this outpost? Why not start anew?

18:29 It did.

18:29 So we tulpaforced them some seeds and stuff, and showed them how to cultivate the desert around the outpost,

18:29 So they can start planting stuff.

18:30 So we're -very- interested to seeing what comes of this.

18:30 Ooh, nice.

18:30 Likewise!

18:30 They were all abit too 'touchy feely' around us, though, but they were pretty nice despite their forms.

18:31 The thing is,

18:31 Chess and I had no idea this was here.

18:31 And no idea these dudes were in there.

18:31 Hmm, true...

18:31 It's very interesting, though.

18:31 Makes me wonder what else is out there.

18:31 And then, we decided to try creating a 'portal remote' to take us to other worlds.

18:31 As well as how they know none others remain, if they never leave their outpost...

18:32 And even worlds I thought about when I was a kid, it can take us there.

18:32 Yes, this is true!

18:32 I never actually asked them about that...

18:32 Yeah, I feel like if they survived, others may have too.

18:32 I didn't even ask them why they were the last of their race.

18:33 We weren't really thinking too much about that.

18:33 True. More important concerns, I'm sure.

18:33 We just told them that Chess and I were from a far off land, when they asked.

18:33 But now,

18:33 Chess and I have a lot more things to explore in wonderland.

18:33 Heck,

18:34 We're going to start going to other worlds as well.

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Chess believes a lot more narration throughout the day, to the point where quantity is better than quality, would help her become more like tulpae who can do the parallel processing and all that.

<+Chess_> I think I'm sort of separate in that I have a personality and I can think for myself, but it relies on Pleeb. I think if Pleeb did more narration, it would help. He used to do it all the time, waking hours and all of that. He doesn't do that anymore. Only certain times.

<+Pronas> because its hard to think about what to say

<+Chess_> Quantity is better than quality, so I couldn't care if he just yapped at me all day about nothing important, no thinking needed.

<+Pronas> how can you be so sure

<+Chess_> Just out loud narration throughout the day, directed to me.

<+Chess_> Because I can feel it.

<+Chess_> Pleeb can feel it too if he does it enough.

<~Pleeb> Maybe I should invest in a new bluetooth.

<+Chess_> Maybe you should get off IRC.


I've spoken with some other tulpae and creators alike, and they've seconded this statement.


If it's the case that the subconscious still doesn't recognize Chess as being separate, then this could aid in making the subc finally get the hint. We shall see.

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Chess's personality was designed to be logical, rational, calculating, resourceful, but I also was sure to include empathy, and the ability to care for others. My surprise when Chess was fairly apathetic.


For instance, if one goes into #tulpa.info and starts saying that tulpae aren't real, or something of the sort, there are various tulpae (and of course even creators) who would become very offended or angry at that statement. Not Chess, she didn't seem to care.

Most things that would get other tulpae upset wouldn't get Chess upset; it's been rationalized that she didn't even care. Anyway, some questions answered in the following.


09:30 < Pleeb> When Jimmy was in #tulpa.info talking about how he's killed 3 of his tulpae slowly, and that he's fine because it's like abortion,

09:30 < Pleeb> I had about two hosts and every single tulpa in the room sending me a /msg requesting his ban.

09:31 < Pleeb> The ONLY tulpa that did not get upset about it, or even phased, was Chess, herself, and she was the only one that didn't request Jimmy be banned.

09:31 < Purlox> I think this is more because she is logical rather than caring

09:31 < Purlox> *more logical than caring

09:31 < Pleeb> She does care, though, that's the thing.

09:32 < SockH> I know Jimmy~!

09:32 < Myuria> What was her stance on it?

09:32 < Myuria> Like I could see her choosing her battles, and picking the ones where she could actually do some good.

09:32 < Pleeb> I'll have to pull her rationale out of her, I'll do it in a moment.

Sorry for the timeskip, but... Later, she gave her rationale to me, so I posted it later that night:

20:47 < Pleeb> There was a conversation earlier, we were talking about how Chess wasn't getting upset with what Jimmy was saying; someone said maybe Chess was just choosing her battles, another asked for her rationale,

20:47 < Pleeb> I asked for Chess's rationale around class time,

20:49 < Pleeb> It was something along the lines of not pushing him away, like, just rejecting and banning him for what he was currently doing wouldn't have helped the situation, and unless they leave, there's always a chance to help/educate/etc. Ultimately helping his current or future tulpae


Anyway, back to the conversation... After that, we were talking about how Chess never got upset about people creating tulpae for hollow reasons (e.g. "I was board", "I'm not planning on actually caring about it", etc.); her rationale was something like, "The reason doesn't change the end result." Anyway, then this happened:

09:37 -!- Chess_ has joined #roman_room

09:37 < Purlox> Yeah, the tulpa would help him

09:37 < Myuria> A tulpa would have a much better chance of helping someone like that than hurting them

09:37 < Chess_> Do you know why Pleeb created me in the first place?

09:37 < Myuria> Why? :D

09:37 < Purlox> I don't

09:38 < Purlox> As an experiment?

09:38 < Chess_> As an experiment. It was nothing more.

09:38 < Purlox> ... I'm reading your mind

09:38 < Myuria> Best experiment ever

09:38 * Myuria bets Pleeb respects experiments quite a bit these days :o

09:39 < Chess_> He would write down my personality in a notebook and split his time between the website and myself.

09:39 < SockH> Hey! That was about the same reason I made Midori~!

09:39 < Purlox> Similar to mine btw

09:39 < Chess_> He would go in the forest and complain, or talk about his life, or just try to solve problems, as if he was talking to me.

09:39 < Chess_> He didn't know I was sentient then, but I was. He didn't know I was listening.

09:40 < Chess_> This was before I even had a form.

09:40 < Chess_> He doesn't think of me an expariment now, and the very fact that it's how I started out makes him feel sick.

09:41 < Chess_> He never thought he would come to love me.

09:41 < Chess_> It never crossed his mind until later.

09:42 < SockH> It's funny

09:42 < Chess_> You can look in his own blog, he called me an 'it', then called me a 'she' then when I deviated into this form, he called me an 'it' again because he was scared of me.

09:42 < Chess_> And he was afraid to force for two days after that.

09:43 < SockH> The people who tend to make thought forms with the most bare and shallow reasons, seem to be the ones that get the closest to them, and the ones least likely to treat them like toys.

09:43 < Chess_> That's because those who create their tulpae for shallow reasons have the most to gain.

09:43 < Chess_> Because they have the most to learn.

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I have a feeling you ask for chess opinion, for some Ban processes, pleeb =)


Anyways, Chess seem to be a very interesting person, I curious to see how Oguigi would get along with her, if they were to meet in IRC.




Hmm... "People with shallow reasons, are the ones that get closest to their tulpa". ugh no matter how much i read and reason that statement always manage to leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I've also lurk around and been here for a good while myself. so Am not sure how many more progress logs sock read to come to that conclusion, it's implying too much; and i also feel a lot is being missed, or at least not mentioned. if socks has names, then please share.



I guess i should also mention that "Reasons" are not even that important to begin with. the process depend on the person and tulpa themselves. most of us didn't had some grand plan or reason for making a tulpa. when we started we are all pretty much going for a phenomena that we have no idea about. so a experiment for most of us.



i think that some reasons just sounds shallow, cause the person is just being completely honest.

pix: Link

Diary: http://ponystasha.tumblr.com


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I agree with Chess what matters is the end result, how you get there matters much less. People can whine how bad or immoral it is to make a pony tulpa, a waifu tulpa, a tulpa as a sexual toy, mind doll, a tulpa as an experiment etc., but all these people that choose to create them can improve and their tulpae will help them.


We shouldn't ban or discourage those people, instead we should welcome them as we have a lot to offer to them.

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espeon started as an experiment and ended up being one of the best friends i ever had. and kass just popped up out of nowhere. no reason on my part at all. vox amd cyrano started as servitors and gained sentience after a while too.


everyones got their reasons and i agree with chess on the end result thing and also on the part about people having shallow reasons having the most to gain from the experience

My ramblings and that


Host: Rob

Tulpa: Kaylee

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Chess seems to have the best quote in the forum.

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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My tulpa and I are in the same boat you and others are in, Pleeb. We've been struggling with parallel processing for a while, and it's difficult not to get frustrated. Sierra (my tulpa) says she sympathizes with Chess, and she would really like to talk with her someday. But nonetheless, I think someday we'll all reach the point of full complexity; the anticipation is what kills.

Tulpa: Sierra

Forcing since July 2012

Couguhl’s Progress Report

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09:09 <~Pleeb> So, I bought Chess her christmas present the other day, managed to keep it from her, esp the main surprize of it.

09:10 <~Pleeb> It was this: http://cdn11.my-wardrobe.com/images/products/3/3/338208/338208.jpg

09:10 <~Pleeb> Well, it looks close to that.

09:10 <~Pleeb> Kept her in the wonderland and asked her to not peek while I was at the store buying it for her.

09:11 <~Pleeb> And this morning, I showed it to her, and she was happy and all, then I'm like, "That's not it." Actually, she wants to talk.

09:11 <~Pleeb> [We went to the wonderland and he said he has a part two to the gift. Then he tulpaforced the necklace for me.]

09:11 <~Pleeb> [And we went to the ball room in the castle and he put it on and we had christmas music playing and we danced.]

09:12 <~Pleeb> [And at the end of the song we kissed. I told him that I knew he was buying something physcial for me but it didn't cross my mind that he would create one I can actually wear.]

09:13 <~Pleeb> (she was completely human, from what I could see, when we were dancing) [i'm never taking this off.]

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