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Tulpa-host switching?


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There was a fellow on the IRC some time back who claimed to have done this for several years. He said he sort of sat back in his mind while the tulpa lived his life.


There was another guy (almost certainly troll or nut) back in the days of /mlp/ threads who claimed to be a tulpa who had done this, then dissipated the former host who had become depressed and wanted to commit suicide. He said he had the memories of his former host, but they didn't feel like they were his own memories.

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I think it's possible to do it, at least those in the multiples community seem to be able to, after a lot of practice.


Nobody with a tulpa has tried it yet. I suspect it takes a lot of practice and figuring out a few details that people here have yet to try/figure out. The real challenge is getting completely dissociated from your body and maintaining your imagination, while the tulpa assumes "control". From those few here that tried possession, none have managed to do this yet, but I do think the parts where they failed can be overcomed.


I've also read a similar story to what Chupi is saying on another board, along with one tulpa thread, but without dissipation, just the host mostly living in his imagination.

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