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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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I've been watching these threads since they first started showing up on /mlp/ finally decided to come here now that they have mostly started falling apart. Dr.Medic is a tag I always use will maybe change it later. I started Tulpaforcing about a month and a half ago. Got almost 10 hours in on my first Tulpa and... it fell apart. So I started from scratch and am in the process of correctly creating Lily. I'm hoping to see a good community be started here.

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Qookie here. I've been prodding the /mlp/ threads as both Anon and as an occasional tripfag for a bit now, helping to do damage-control in both /sci/ and /r9k/ too. Also on the IRC, and infrequently in the Steam group. My tulpa-blog is here, and it's hilariously /jp/: http://shikigamitulpa.tumblr.com/


I'm on my third day of actual tulpaforcing at roughly 45 minutes per day so far. My intended tulpaform is Chen from Touhou, but we're working from very different personalities and to different variations on the same form.


Personally, I'm a britfag, 23, studied computer science, know a bunch of stuff about things. Psychological approach to tulpa but not bothered by magickal/'metaphysical' approaches.


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*Honk Honk*

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