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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Most people should already know who I am (I hope), either from IRC or Tumblr, but I'll post anyway since I'm just now starting to use this forum.


I'm Graywolf on IRC and Brooktulpa on Tumblr. My tulpa's description can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key...NJUHU5YXc#gid=0


I think I joined the IRC room about a couple days after it started, but I didn't start making my tulpa until weeks after that. I'm making a tulpa to have someone to talk to that I won't feel completely awkward around (as I am with everyone else). It might also help with my fear problems. I'm scared of things around the house I know aren't real (which really hinder my daily life sometimes), so.. Fight imaginary things with imaginary things, eh.

Tulpa: Brook

Stage: We're back at the beginning

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AliasTakuto here, just call me 'Takuto' or if your lazy even 'Tak' for short. Been reading and researching Tulpa for a little bit and all this seems pretty interesting, decided to make one myself.


I plan for my Tulpa(Who I'll let name herself once she is sentient) to look like a cute teenage anime girl about my age (Because why the hell not) other than that going to leave how she'll actually look undecided until personality is done so I don't end up accidentally mixing personality and visual-ness. Personality I'm aiming for even if she'll inevitably deviate away from it is boisterous and optimistic, getting frustrated when people are being lazy and believing willpower is all important (She'd love the hell outta TTGL) I hope this means she'll encourage me to get of my lazy ass for often than I do and encourage me to give my all in stuff, telling me off if I find my self slipping into being lazy.


Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted on how she comes along.

(> Assuming you care)

EDIT: Spelling/Typos

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Hi I'm Ned Bigby, and I like big bees.


I'm out of middle school now so I have to find new things to write survival guides for, and hell, why not tulpae?


I just lurk the threads on /mlp/ and i'm not in the irc, so none of you know me.

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