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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Well, this new forum should fit the style of conversation surrounding such a topic as tulpae nicely.


Anyways, I checked in at /mlp/ and saw that you jumped ship, FAQ, and I saw why. The threads devolved even more into big pointless wastes of time with the same exact questions being asked over and over regardless of teh FAQs posted.


Glad to be here.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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well, hello everybody ^_^.

i am Pheynman,from Italy, i followed the whole tulpa stuff from the first thread on/mlp/ and started posting as anonymous from the second... i am happy we finally landed on a forum.

i am not currently creating a tulpa because i am 19 and this year the school is hard and if i focus on something else i might lose the year D:

i'll start this summer, for now i will just monitor this forum ( the same way i am monitoring steamchats :D)

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Hey, this is kinda obligatory I guess.


I'm Bluesleeve, currently 18 years old and I live in germany. I discovered the whole Tulpa deal during the lucid dreaming threads on /mlp/.

Currently, I am in the process of creating a Rainbow Dash Tulpa (resembling visuals only). Doesn't go as well at the moment since I have many important school related stuff to do, but we have time.

What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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Yo yo yo My name is G-wizzie and I discovered this shit a year and 2 months ago, I smoke weed erryday and I pretty much kickstarted this shit, and then FAQ my main nigga came and helped out this shit. My shit obsolete now so I'm of no use to any of you niggas. Peace ~<3

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