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I thought a long time about tulpamancing, and I've finally decided to start my own experience with Agrias, just a week ago. Now, I have some questions in my mind.


Firstly, she's a female humanoid tulpa, completely three-dimensional. Probably, the hardest step was visualizing her on my mind's eye (I can't see her in the real world for more than some seconds yet and I still have trouble to see her full body), but I realized that we progressed really fast on some steps, like sentience, personality and speech, even though we skipped some, like giving access to my memories.


Yesterday was the first time we could talk to each other for more than 2 hours while doing trivial things, and suddenly I noticed that her voice changed to a softer pitch. It also looks like she has some difficult to choose words, because she talks slowly and with pauses, like: "Yes, I'm... very well. Thank... you, for... asking.". Should I be concerned about it or is it normal?


I also found out that she's very attached to my cat. She even asked to see it as soon as we got home, and to my surprise, I could see her crouched, trying to pet my cat. Obviously, my cat didn't felt her hand, but I could see her smiling moments before disappearing. So, is there some kind of bond between animals and tulpas that I don't know? Or is it just a personal characteristic of her?


And what about the fast progress? Is it common to happen? Should I redo some steps just to be sure?


Oh, and I hope I was clear enough, since I stopped speaking english for years, so thanks in advance!

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Guest Anonymous

Don't worry about fast progress, I think it really depends on person's ability.

About tulpa and animals that just depends upon personality I guess.

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You don't need to redo anything, if breakthroughs are coming through for you, just let them roll on. Just because people set their own expectation on how long a certain skill or aspect is reached doesn't mean it's set in stone, or some kind of objective standard that has a long-lasting continuation of truth.


Sometimes, the things you've done in the past (e.g. meditation, lucid dreaming, anything with an over-active imagination) may have contributed to things going by a bit faster than you feel is "normal." Some people who start out into this may not have done any of the above, which is probably why it may take them longer than usual, and start being intimidated by others who are apparently getting faster progress than them. Guess it all comes down to not taking for granted of things you've done before that helped you out in this.

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