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Can tulpas get hurt in the wonderland?

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Kind of a silly question, But some time ago Snow took a minor tumble from two steps in the foyer in endless, she didn't cry or yelp she just fell down and had from what i seen a bruise on her legs that was gradually diminishing rapidly over time, i told her to sit down and let the wound heal after placing her in the foyer's many long couches in hotel endless after a while i checked the bruise and it was fully healed. Snow hopped off the couch and smiled to me pointing to the game room.. that girl is something else.


So here is the multi-million dollar question: Can tulpas get hurt and can they get better over time?


Snow seems to be quite the happy little fox but i just worry about her safety.









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Guest Anonymous

If you believe they can get hurt, then yes. Else no.

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From what I've heard: Yes, they can experience pain. But, only if you believe/want them to. Only rarely do my tulpas want a really dulled down pain, like they can only experience a maximum of 1/10th the pain as someone normally would. Usually they just choose to experience none.

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Hakkyou here. I think it would be more accurate to say that we tulpas can feel pain only if we want to feel pain, or yeah, if our host wants to. It works the other way around too, at least for me and Kaosukage. If I hit him, it hurts, if he hits me, it hurts. But if I just didn't want it to, then it wouldn't.


Of course, if he were to catch me by surprise or something, it would still hurt, because I'd be surprised and instinctively you'd expect something that hurts to... hurt. As for wounds, in my experience even the worst injuries tend to heal immediately, because I don't really like the injury being there. I figure if for some reason a tulpa wanted bruise or scar to stay, though, it would. It all depends on the tulpa and what they want, really.

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I've heard of one instance where someone's tulpas were as vulnerable in the wonderland as people are IRL. They could experience pain, injuries, and even death. Even the host was bound by physical limitations in the wonderland, and could barely even create a small object.


This seems to be an extremely rare case, though, so you shouldn't worry.

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Not sure about others, but the way our wonderland is, it's like a virtual reality simulator or a movie we can insert ourselves into or something along those lines. Even if they're getting shot at by the Maxia, or one of them (like Dash) gets impaled in the wonderland, they emerge completely fine.

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