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Re-forcing an agressive Tulpa?

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So, almost a year ago I came across this site, and the whole world of Tulpa. the following couple of months or so I started to force my own tulpa; Crystal. At that time, I was in the Summer holidays, so I was active forcing for a good 2-3 hours a day, as well as passive narration during the day.


We got to the stage of pressures as a form of communication, and I'm sure she spoke once or twice; susally when just to fall asleep, but I still doubt if I imagined it.


When Summer came and went, I had to hit the ground running for college. I was spread thin and tired all the time, and the amount I active forced went down to maybe half and hour a week. if that. By christmas, I assumed Crystal had all but dissapeared, or what there was of her at least.


Now, this is my problem. A few days ago me and my girlfriend were talking about the paranormal, and spirits, and the conversation came to tulpas. I told her about my summer, and Crystal, and how I failed to force her. After all this talking, I started feeling pressures in my head; the same two places where crystal would usually intereact back in the day. I thought this as a good sign, but now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.


i get the general feeling that Crystal is at least irritated with me, and the pressures seem more agressive and constant then before. i could try to force her again, but I just dont have the time, and it will go into the same situation of last year.


What's your opinions on this? Should I try again? Are there risks? Or if I want to, try to force a completely new tulpa?



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She might be frustrated. Or you might feel guilty and be perceiving her as feeling frustrated whether she is or isn't. It's really hard to say without at least some communication with her. A more constant pressure could very well be a call for attention rather than aggravation.


I personally wouldn't just force a new one just like that. You can always take a step back to the beginning with her and give her another chance.



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