how will i know when my tulpa is sentient

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i have just started, and i average about 30min a day of forcing, and so far i have just ben doing personality over and over for the past week. how do i tell when my tulpa is sentient, and when can i start narrating/visualizing him without just making him a puppet. i have not given him a form, so far he is just and expanding purple orb that i have been visually and narritativly giving him personallity traits. i dont want to jump the gun but i really have no idea how to tell when he will become sentient

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Some people have success telling their tulpa to surprise them. I knew my Sarah was sentient when she created a different home for herself in our Wonderland. You can also ask questions and feel for a response. The response may come in words, emotions, raw thoughts, even sensations like head pressure.


It seems to help to assume tulpas are sentient from the start, he just hasn't been able to communicate with you yet.


Sarah: "We can usually speak before the host can understand us"

Host: Sakura

Tulpa: Sarah (began June 5th, 2014), Alyx (Began July 23rd, 2014)

Our shared tumblr

note: usually browsing on mobile, so cannot quote properly

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