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Hello, I made a post on here the other day asking of ways to remember my tulpa throughout the day, such as a bracelet or something along those lines. i got a wonderful response from a user by the name of amber5885. She gave me wonderful ideas as to what i could do.


Now I'm back with another question about starting to actually take an active roll in the process and start making my tulpa. i mentioned in my last post I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. I've mostly grown out of it but it's nearly impossible for me to sit in one spot for more then a few minutes doing nothing, much less trying to focus on one subject. So my first question would be: Is it at all possible to create a tulpa JUST by passive forcing? I feel as if i were to remember her throughout the day, and talk to her and interact with her (Her, being my tulpa), that maybe that would be enough to start the process. but that's what I'm asking this wonderful community right now. Can I get by, by just active forcing all day?


Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text, i look forward to the responses.

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It should be possible with just passive forcing. I'm not too good with passive myself, but I'm pretty sure I heard of someone that actually did that, with no active forcing at all. But it would be much faster if you also actively forced them, so you might at least give it a try. Technically, it's only your body that would be "doing nothing", your mind will be pretty busy ;)

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Guest amber5885

Toby came about with only passive forcing so its totally possible. The guides are plenty and they are just that, guides. Really when it comes down to practice you have to find what works best for you.


Play around with different things until you find your grove but yes what you're describing is what I did and Toby is a fully functional, sentient and independent person.

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I have no diagnosed conditions, but I suck at motivation for active forcing. I had a few short sessions (maybe about 30 minutes a time) when I was starting out, but then I mostly developed Thunderfall just by picturing and talking to him throughout the day, so yes, I say it's possible. However, I wouldn't write off active altogether. These days, Thunder appreciates it if I can spare even 5 minutes now and then to just sit down and talk a little. Don't push it if you find it hard, just do what little you can. Even if your tulpa is fine with passive, they'll thank you for at least trying.

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