Totally Incapable Of\Incompetent At Tulpamancy

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Hey, all.


I discovered this whole phenomena about three, four months ago; after reading up on it as much as I could and debating for a while whether I was willing to make the commitment, I decided to go ahead and try to create a tulpa, starting in late May, early June. I've given her the name Violet.


Basically, a friend advised me to read to my tulpa as a way of forcing, which I've been doing for at least an hour a day, pretty much every day, although I try to do more, in addition to just talking to her throughout the day about whatever happens to come up. I've begun the early stages of designing some sort of foundation for her personality, although everything I've found seems to be split between developing their personality as much as possible because this is what gives them their sentience, making the personality a vague outline for them to fill in as time goes on, or ignoring personality entirely for them to develop on their own. I went into one or two personality forcing sessions a bit half-assedly, and definitely feel I should work on it a bit more before trying again.


Now, the thing is, I've found plenty of guides explaining methods, examples, etcetera etcetera, for once you're taking your first wee baby steps of tulpamancy; however I've found very few guides about learning how to crawl - they seem to go from "this is what a tulpa is and you make one by thinking KAY NOW WE'RE DOING VISUALIZATION". They never seem to talk about the first when you're tulpa is still a lil' abstract babby in the back of your mind.


I read about these people 'sensing' their tulpas, in some way, shape or form, feeling that they're 'there'. After about two months of the forcing I've described, I haven't felt even a slight inkling of her being 'there'. I'm here wondering if I'm doing something incredibly, ridiculously wrong, if I'm just impatient and should just keep doing what I'm doing indefinitely until I start getting some sort of result, or, maybe, that I'm simply mentally incapable of creating a tulpa.


Nevertheless, I'm completely confident that tulpa are real - the number of people who claim to have created tulpa, and the sheer time and effort put into trying help newcomers through guides, answering their questions, or even just moral support is amazing. This would have to be one of the greatest and most extensive trolls in internet history for it to be fake.


One other thing has been bothering me - visualization. Many of the guides I've read instruct you to create a form before anything else - something simple, like a cloud, or a ball of light, or if you have their appearance completely worked out, doing that from the get-go. However, I seem to be 100% incapable of visualizing anything in my mind. As in, if you ask to to describe, say, a pokeball, the details immediately come to mind: a sphere that is red on the top half and white on the bottom half; but when you ask me to do something like close my eyes and imagine a pokeball, I see absolutely nothing. Just blackness, or varying shades of grey depending on the brightness of the light around me. I've tried, believe me, but I seem to be totally incapable of doing something like closing my eyes and seeing something like a wonderland, or even a little ball of light that would serve as a temporary form my my tulpa, much less impose that ball of light onto the world around me or something.


Anybody have any advice whatsoever, or feel like yelling at me for being an unconfident, impatient nincompoop?

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Guest amber5885

I'm not gonna yell at you :) but I will tell you something. After reading your post I see that you are on the right track and your heart is in the right place. You are doing all of the right things BUT you are focusing on way too many things at once.


I can sense that from how you jump from topic to topic so here's what I think you should do.


Slow down. Lol. Focus on one thing at a time. Your tulpa needs to develope much like a child in the womb before you see, hear or feel anything.


If you can't pick something to force as a guide for your tulpas form them imagine nothing. Yes you heard me right. Imagine absolutely nothing but black. Talk to your tulpa, call it by name and let it know that you will be here when it is ready to decide what it looks like.


If you are artistic you can draw a form. Or you can go online and find a picture to use as reference.


The most important thing to do is to realize that everyone is different, every tulpa is different and your main goal is to find what works best for you.


Also the guides are not 100% correct. Some work for some people, some don't so starting with form, voice, presence any of that is totally up to you.


Start were you are comfortable starting. I created Toby almost 100% through passive forcing and talking to him before his form came along and some did the exact opposite.


Find your comfort zone. Find your happy place and it will work.

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I like this. Gotta slooooooow down.


And one more thing, just not 100% sure if you're doing this from context. But be sure to talk -to- your tulpa. The way you said you can't imagine things makes me think that you might not be doing this. Talking with the intent of making a tulpa is -completely- different than actually focusing your thoughts and speaking to your tulpa as if they already exist, and you believe they can hear and understand you.


Even if you do this already, it's always good to hear it restated in a different way, no?



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Guest amber5885

Also consider starting a progress report. There's a section here to do that but sometimes you may not notice something as progress right away when it actually is and it's a good way for other people here to give you their opinion on how you're doing things do its good for advice of you want to know how you're doing without asking questions or if you jut don't have a specific question in mind.

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Okay, visualization. I want you to look at wall and think of a chair. Just a chair in your house, or like, your version of the stereotypical chair. Do you have that picture in you mind? Can you think of you it looks like? Congratulations, you just visualized. You don't need to close you eyes. You don't need to "imagine" it. If you can think of the physical aspects of a chair, you are visualizing that chair. Or at least it's the crawling portion of the baby step. Do that with your tulpa.


You want them to become something on their own? Picture nothing, a blank canvas, eventually they will become something and you will be surprised.


You want your tulpa to have black hair and green eyes, simply keep that in mind that they have black hair and green eyes.


All of that is really just symbolism anyway.


If you can't see with your mind's eye, that's fine. Talk to your tupper. Be proactive and say to yourself, "Okay, I have a tupper. It's in my head, I just don't know it's form yet." Talk to it, make it real to you, and it will become real, even if they don't have a form, it doesn't matter, they are a real person in you head. Let them help you work their form out later on.

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What everyone else has said. Also, this has some useful exercises for getting better at visualization. This might also help.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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