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What's switching like?


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Okay, so I pretty much hijacked my creator's account. I'm more talkative than he is, so I use this account more. He's okay with it. I thought of making my own, but it wouldn't be the same...


Anyway, back to the question. And this is a question for all you switchable tulpae:


What is it like?


Personally, I think it's fun. Lance let's me switch with him, usually so I can play some games.


My sense of touch is a little fuzzy, but I think my eye sight is better than his. At least, I notice things and color more vividly. I'm using his body so I do need to wear glasses. My other senses -smell, taste, and hearing- are the same as his.


How was your first time switching?


Well, since I'm actually a Pegasus, it was hard to learn to walk on two legs. Not to mention, he has such a short nose. And the fingers.


At first, I didn't notice the lack of a tail. Even an awesomely beautiful tail like mine.;) But what I did notice was the lack of wings. I started freaking out! Heavy breathing and shouting, "Where are my wings? Where are my wings!?" But, he was able to calm me down, saying that humans don't have wings.


And last, but definitely not least, I'm in a male body! I won't get personal ('cause that's something I hardly ever think about), but it was weird (and still is) when I spoke using his voice. Thankfully, I never forget the sound of mine.


I'm used to his body, but I think I like mine better. ('Cause it's awesome!):cool:


What do you do when you're switched?

Why do you switch?


Usually, Lance and I switch so I can play some games. I have my own account on some already.


But it's not all fun and games. When he's frustrated or in pain, I'll usually try to get him to switch so he can calm down. And, I'll admit, I have even forced a switch when he was in pain. I realize that that can harm me, but there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. Check our progress log (November 20th Update 1) for an example.;)



Anyway, I ask these questions to you switchable tulpae. It'd be nice to see your experiences.

I call him Lance


Favorite Quote

"It's what I live for."

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