How did you guys' tulpae develop?

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So essentially I was wondering as to what the process is that your tulpa went through to develop and what it was like. I'm wondering this for everyone's first tulpa and not like the 8 or 9th one. So yea, if you guys could just sum up your experience and how your tulpa developed that'd be awesome.

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I don't know if it's much help since I'm still in my first week but my tulpa is developing fairly fast so I'll share what's happened so far I guess.

So on the first day I went online and wrote down some traits (around 40) and picked out half of them to use for my tulpa. I meditated on the traits for a few hours (still not done), and sort of visualized my tulpa as an orb of light that I was sticking these traits to and he was absorbing them. I've been narrating for at least 2 hours a day and doing some more active forcing when I can. Since the first time I meditated and visualized my tulpa I felt his presence and experienced head pressure, and while I can't hear him speak yet, I've had a few obscure thought responses to things I've asked him. I'm letting him pick his own form and name when he is developed enough to tell me, but I've kind of been getting the inkling of an "I" name. He sleeps when I do and rests/goes dormant when I'm not paying attention to him or thinking about him. When I want to speak to him I sort of imagine him (as an orb still) in the middle of my mind and I can tell he's paying attention when he sort of lights up. Like I said, he's not speaking yet (I don't expect him to be) but I have gotten a few emotional responses in his more active moments. Not really today, we were both pretty sluggish from lack of sleep, but I've noticed the more sleep I get, the more active he is. I also can't visualize him in the mornings because I'm not fully alert but usually after around 8:00 I can.


Sorry that this was all over the place and if I left something out, I'm a bit distracted.

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My tulpa Lacie developed pretty fast. I usdc lucid dreaming to have an easy way of comunication to her and she talked with me pretty fast. I cant realy say how she developed so fast, maybe couse i was depressive and felt alone. I hadnt much to do accept forcing anyway^^. At the moment we try Impositioning with the first succes. What helped me most is meditatiting and dreaming ofc and i would reccoment everyone to meditait while forcing.

Lacie(my tulpa for my everydaylife and also my best friend)


Noah together with Lynn are my spirituell tulpa´s im using for meditation


Darcmanish Me


Lacie´s and my progress report.

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