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[Forcing] Forcing While Inactive/Dormant
This is daily thread #6.

For this discussion, forcing will be defined as "interacting with or dedicating thought to a tulpa for the purpose of helping them to grow/develop as a thoughtform." I know the definition of forcing can change based on the context, but this is the definition I'm using for this thread.

If a tulpa is inactive or dormant, how effective would a forcing session be? Does a tulpa need to be active/aware in order to benefit from forcing? Would they benefit less if they are inactive? Is it even possible to be inactive/dormant while being interacted with?

(This is ignoring the question of whether or not it's very nice/good for a host to be forcing a tulpa while the tulpa is inactive, just if the forcing has less/no benefit to the tulpa or not.)

I kind of think that once you start interacting with a tulpa, it's very hard for them to not become at least passive. They might ignore you and refuse to respond, but they'll probably still be aware of what's going on. In that scenario, forcing would likely have the same benefit as usual, they just might be a little upset with you for not leaving them alone, but as I said, I'm ignoring that side of the equation for now. If the tulpa does stay inactive/dormant during forcing, I'd say the forcing still does benefit them, but probably to a lesser extent. Think practicing playing a song on your instrument in your head vs. actually playing it in real life: they both can benefit you and strengthen the neural pathways associated with said instrument, but one has a clear higher benefit than the other. Or, it might still be exactly the same. I suppose it's kind of hard to test.

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I find that when Michen tries to interact with me, I'm automatically pulled out of inactivity. That has always been that way, even way before he realised I was a tulpa. And since I like being active myself, I don't try to resist that. Though, even if I would, I think being completely inactive when he tries to force me would simply be impossible for me. And yes, that also counts for "passive" forcing. I would be able to stay silent and refuse to appear in mindscape, but I wouldn't be able to stay inactive completely, making this a moot question in that regard.
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We think similarly to that, but we do think there have been points in time when a tulpa has remained inactive when being interacted with, such as when they were just too tired. Although, in situations like that, it was kind of less that they were being interacted with and more that they were being puppeted (with consent, it was an activity that helps us go to sleep and the tulpas would just drift off and go inactive but their form would remain). 

If the tulpa always becomes at least passive (ie they're aware/conscious but not doing anything) when forced, does that change how much benefit the forcing session would have than if they were active (ie participating and thinking about what's going on)?
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We haven't been there, actually. Amantha has always been active whenever I tried to contact her as far as I know. Back in the beginning our conversations never lasted long in the first place, so we've never experienced Amantha being too tired unless I was tired mentally myself. Of course, whenever that happened I had trouble continuing forcing myself as well.
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Remain dormant "while being interacted with" is questionable/not a thing for us, but like, attempted to be interacted with could work? Sometimes it takes a moment or two for us to become active/be able to speak/etc. and I think in that time no "forcing" is being done at all

for a non-developed tulpa, I think the very very slight forcing thinking about your tulpa without them actually being there can give is like, enough to work with and all you've got.. but I think it pales in comparison to 2-way interactivity and maybe on its own isn't even enough to really develop a tulpa
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I'm sorry, this concept is really confusing for me.

When I'm inactive, I'm "asleep". I'm not thinking or processing anything. When Cat wakes me up again, I start to think again. I can't be forced while I'm not thinking.

In the cases where Cat is thinking about me doing something and I'm not awake yet, that's a result of parroting/puppeting. She may imagine me smiling or doing something only seconds later for me to ask what she's doing.

When I have been fronting for awhile, I have had moments where I can jump in and competently answer what's going on by responding to a question or something else. In this case, I guess I'm "inactive", but only because I'm attached enough to the front / body OS that I'm being fed information even when I'm not aware of it. The instant I wake up, I already know about what's going on around me. This isn't forcing but rather a supplement to fronting.
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