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What is the difference between wonderland activity and active day dreaming?

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Guest Anonymous

Tulpamancers, in your opinion, what is the difference between visualizing a wonderland, and perceiving what your tulpas are doing there, and active day dreaming (such as what I do with the Melian Show)?. If you think there is a distinct difference, how do you know it to be a real difference and not just convincing yourself something more profound is happening with a wonderland over a ordinary day dream?


I am asking the question above because I consider interacting with Melian in her dreamscape Melian Show to be a day dream with some apparently autonomous elements driven by an unconscious process (day dreaming on auto pilot). How others describe the wonderlands of their tulpas sounds very similar and I am struggling to find a distinction, if there is any.


I have considered that, if a tulpa is an independent sentient mind, the tulpa can actively imagine their own day dream. That is a very trippy and new thought for me. I realized this when I talk about Melian and I collaboratiing on the Melian Show. It took a while, but once I started considering her sentient, I realized that such collaboration may be more than just apparent in nature. In other words, if she is sentient, she may very well be thinking it up with me.


So, what is the difference between wonderland activity and active day dreaming by the host?

EDIT: One more question: In which "mind" does the bulk of the wonderland reside? Is this a shared part of mind, used collaboratively by the host and the tulpa?


EDIT: I should have revisited the FAQ first. Still, the FAQ answers seem like very simplified answers to me that don't go into depth at all and are almost meaningless.


Q: What is a mindscape/wonderland?

A: A mindscape, also known popularly as a wonderland, is a mental environment where the host and tulpas can interact visually with eachother, without the need for the host to impose their tulpa into their physical environment. A wonderland can be revisited time and time again, although it may change under your own will, your tulpa's will, or subconsciously.


Q: What is the difference between mindscape/wonderland and any other imagined environment?

A: An imagined environment is any given temporary mental scene or scenario, such as those experienced when day-dreaming. A wonderland or mindscape is a more permanent, albeit dynamic, environment that persists even when you aren't consciously thinking of it, that you or your tulpa can return to repeatedly.


Q: Can my tulpa change the mindscape/wonderland as well?

A: Yes, tulpas are also able to edit and alter wonderlands and the entities within them. Your tulpa may even change your wonderland while you are not consciously aware of it.


Q: What does it mean to 'explore' a wonderland?

A: A mindscape/wonderland can be imagined in such a way that large areas of it are undefined or lack clarity. Traveling within the environment outside of areas you've consciously defined can lead to a subconscious, dreamlike generation of environments and landscapes. This has been known to provide interesting and exciting activities for tulpa and their creators alike - it is quite literally letting your mind wander.


This helps a bit...

Look up the Method of Loci, or memory palaces. For it to work, there would have to be some unconscious aspect to it. Extend the same ideas to wonderlands/mindscapes/paracosms, and you've got your answer.


Related thread, https://community.tulpa.info/thread-wonderland-trippy-questions-about-wonderlands-and-the-unconscious-and-conscious-mind

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[Tri] In our system's experience, there is no hard boundary, and to some degree they are the same with only a few differences. In fact, all but the most recent wonderlands in our system were made by daydreaming. We even wrote a small mini-guide or tip on how to do it in here.

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

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I don't think there is any difference? Wonderland is a daydream in essence. What I believe differs it from other daydreams is that you put significance and intent into it. And apparently the subconscious may pick up on that and make it more lively (adding detail, etc)?


The same goes with wonderland activity and active daydreaming. They're both the same thing, when perceived by the host. The Melian Show may as well be many different wonderlands (I assume you two imagine being in various places?) interconnected, with some areas being payed more attention to than others, thus having more importance in general.


As for the area it resides in, I'd say the partly the subconscious as it is something you have to recall to enter in between forcing sessions, just like how you would recall how that place you visited a year ago looked like. But it still seems to me like a simple thought being repeated...


Ehhhh, uhdunno.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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Guest Anonymous

persistence, as waffles says


Also, if you dream about the wonderland in detail, it is pretty much in your unconscious mind pretty "sticky"

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