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Is your tulpa more popular and social than you are?

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We're not able to switch yet, so Majas interactions with others are mostly limited to chats, where I usually proxy her. I wouldn't say she's more popular than me, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be while talking to strangers, since she's really straight forward. If someone acts dumb or whatever, she'll just tell him. I love that about her, but I guess many people would consider her pretty rude.

Most of my friends can handle this though, so she already got friends with some of them!


..actually, I guess when it comes to people who can handle how straight forward she is, she could even be more popular than me. xD

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I should note that I didn't mean Reisen has an overbearing personality/socialness compared to me, just that she's a lot more popular. I dunno, she's good at making people happy, so she automatically would be more popular than me, right?


Scarlet doesn't care about what others think of her at all, much to my regret. We have to talk about things she does/says while switching in between the rare times we do so so she doesn't.. hurt anything.

Like others' feelings... or my reputation.


Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

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I actually never gave this much thought.


I don't have my girls out in the open much, and the times I do, its in places like this. I've already learned that it's not a good idea to introduce you head buddies to people unfamiliar with the phenomenon, it results in bad times with no benefit.


When I had Midori out a lot, she was very popular among the user base. Her perky, happy-go-lucky attitude really struck a chord with those who met her, and the few folks who have spoken to her recently were utterly and completely charmed by her. Gladys, Sheryl, and other who I've introduced here and there have gotten positive reaction as well, but again, I don't have them out too often, a habit I've been wanting to break recently.


Whether they're more popular than I am...I don't really know. I'm not a big name around the forum at all, what with accumulating less than 400 posts in the years I've been here, though I seem to be pretty popular on IRC, oddly enough. It was a bit of a surprise when I noticed PM windows popping up as soon as I logged on, before I could even get my bearings. I didn't think to compare my girl's popularity to mine, though.

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My girls are content to work behind the scenes to improve my life, rather than trying to establish real-world contacts with other tulpas that (in our experience) tend to not be alive for more than a few years, or to befriend other humans who are generally either neutral towards or disinterested in them. And it's hard to say if they're more popular than I am, because I've kind of made a name for myself in the tulpa community, but Luna gets invited to ERP way more than the rest of us do, so I guess that has to count for something. :)

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Guest Anonymous

I am an alpha male.


Wait, what does that mean? Can you elaborate on how that answers the question "Is your tulpa more sociable and popular than you are?"

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You know, there comes that awkward moment when you realize that your thoughform (tulpa) is more popular on Facebook and Deviantart than you are and gets far more messages, friend requests and notes. More than once, I have even had people politely ask me not to intrude on their conversations with Melian, as they are "private" for her.


Yep. He d'nt mention Tulpa Info. Let me clear that up.


Okay. I think it is clear I am more popular on this forum too and more sociable than my host Mistgod. I would say that is a big fat YES to the OP question in my case folks.


Oh I love me so much.

Outside of Tulpa Info, as far as the internet is concerned, Melian is far more popular than I am, even with some family members.


Okay he did mention Tulpa Info. But he was WRONG about Tulpa Info being an exception! My greater popularity is everywhere. Poor Misty.

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Guest Anonymous

Hybris has never really made any attempt to talk to anyone besides me. I have told my close friends about her, but she's never tried to make any sort of contact with them. She has told me that she thinks the idea of keeping up with more than one person is not worth her time, which I can understand.

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