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The Wanted Art Mass Thread [POST REQUESTS HERE]

Lunar System

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This thread is for people interested in obtaining art to post requests,

and for artists to browse and accept requests via PM.

We've noticed this board has a ton of artists offering requests, but sometimes it can be easier for people to say what they'd like upfront and for the artists to browse through and see if there's anything they'd be comfortable taking on, so we've made something a little different!




Just post your wanted ad here using the form below as reference.


Artists can then browse here and just might be able to help you.

And if they can, they'll PM you to work something out!




Requests only in this thread, to reduce any clutter, please!

Artists - if you see a request you'd like to take on, please take it to PM.


And when your request has been fulfilled, please delete your post, unless you're always seeking art!

(the little red x in the bottom right!)




Use this template (replace the explanations with your information) to tell everyone a bit about what you're after and keep everything somewhat neat and easy to read.


[b]Broad type of art you want:[/b] 
Traditional, Digital, Mixed Media, etc. 

[b]More specific type:[/b] 
Tulpa, Wonderland, Lineart, Fully Shaded, Chibi, etc.

Here, you'll want to talk about form (humanoid, a pony, a dragon..), colors, elements to the art, etc. 
Try to be very exact on what you're looking for. 

Say a bit about how much you are willing to pay or what price range you are looking to buy here.
If you can't pay and you're looking for a freebie, that's okay, please just make it clear.

Use keywords to help artists find your ad, such as Chibi, Sketches, Pony, Wonderland, etc. 
Artists can then use the Find (Ctrl + F) function to look through keywords. 

You could add in some references, such as pictures of things that look similar to your tulpa (or art you've already gotten of them), pictures of the style you're looking for, etc. 
Put in the details that you want prospective artists to know if it hasn't already been covered.

Oracle, the host

Vamphir, the catboy

Spirit, the dragon


Previously Synful

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A very good idea, good job implementing it.


(Also I'll check here too if you guys have requests for Brassow Art)

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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Nevermind, read the thread again. It's a great idea, thank you for making this.


Ah, I'm too tired. I only came here to help.

« — Va, je ne te hais point ! »

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Broad type of art you want:

Any type is fine, as long as I can save an image of it to my hard drive and open it in Windows Photo Viewer (so a .jpg or .png or something like that).


More specific type:

Tulpa, preferably on the more realistic side of things, though I'll take anything that's done well.



I want a drawing of my tulpa Naomi, preferably in a realistic style. She's 6 feet tall with long, royal blue hair in a hime cut that extends to her knees, she has a pair of white angel wings that are about 10 feet across when fully extended. Her eyes are yellow/gold in color. I have a few reference photos saved (see below for photobucket links) and I can provide more specific details via PM if needed.



Nothing too expensive, I'm a college student so I don't have a ton of money to blow on art commissions. Maybe like $25-30 is the most I'd be willing to pay for this, provided it's done well.



Tulpa, Realistic



See specifications. Her clothes resemble the blue-and-yellow outfit in one of the pictures, with slits cut in the back for her wings to poke out. I'll let you decide what pose you're comfortable with drawing, but run it by me in a PM first.


Photobucket (album contains NSFW):


Her proportions look more or less like this:



(NSFW) This is her haircolor and eyecolor, the staff she's carrying is also her weapon of choice should you decide to draw that:




This is her outfit, minus the wings: http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w394/glitchthe3rd/SOULCALIBUR2164_zps1e1dc151.png


Bolded NSFW tags and added a hidden one. -Vosaiu

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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  • 1 month later...

I don't know if anything came out of glitch's request, but it doesn't seem like this thread is going to be a big thing. I always preferred multiple request threads, anyway.

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Also, muh friend here doesn't like that much when I draw something that doesn't start with "R" and ends with "oseluck"


Oh ho! Roseluck has a fan? That must be a boost for her.


Honestly, I think the issue with this thread is that there's so few people actually drawing. If folks updated more often, this thread would likely be more active.


Then again, Drakaina's has a request que open and has gotten no response, so I guess it's just that no on is interested.

Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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I had meant to check this thread out, but it sort of slipped my mind. I think it's harder for artists to come to requested because 1 different artists need different types and amounts of information, 2 style differences, some are better at anime, some furry, ect, and 3 it's harder to track if a requester is or has already gotten work done than it is for an artist to just keep track of who they're working for.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Arthur Conan Doyle


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It seems like, if I accepted requests here, organization would be the biggest problem, and a thread like this would only make it harder. I can see how this would be useful if someone just wants a quick thing done, though.

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