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How do you think your tulpa(s) differ from the "norm" of tulpas?


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I think we get a little too comfortable with our ideas of what tulpas are considering how subjective this phenomenon is. No doubt tons of us have tulpas far from the "norm". So, tell us what you think is unique or different about yours.


Those that don't consider their thoughtforms tulpas don't have to reply. I don't want you guys to all explain how a soulbond is different from a tulpa. Unless you want to of course, but I'm mainly going for a "What we consider a 'tulpa' varies wildly between hosts" sort of theme, so. Anyone that uses the term "Tulpa" for their thoughtforms, or who feel they're similar enough.


I was almost discouraged from making this thread because I just don't feel up to explaining all the ways in which my tulpas barely resemble tulpas at all. I'll write some stuff.. (Oh it turned into a lot)


[hidden]For starters, my tulpas are not conscious/active when I'm not thinking of them. Trust me, we've checked. Whether this is related to my inability to parallel process in any meaningful way, or is just a result of their early development years (we had no wonderland or reason to believe they'd exist when not thought of), I've no idea. But it's true. Depending on how active they've been recently, they can be brought to awareness almost instantaneously. However, there's another factor that makes this less horrible than it probably sounds to many of you.


Once again, I'm not completely sure why this is, but I attribute it to our initial beliefs during their development, which went externally unchallenged for many years and simply became their nature. My tulpas have always had complete, unimpeded awareness of my thoughts. Everything that goes on in my mind is automatically known to them. Any thoughts I think before speaking are known by them, so even when I can't convey something well with words they understand perfectly. As such, we've also never really had arguments, at least not in the last few years, and they're always fully aware of anything going on in my life. Although their thoughts aren't as "chatty" as mine, I believe I have a decent amount of awareness for theirs too. At the very least I can tell exactly how they feel and what the intent behind their words was, so again, no misunderstandings. In fact that ability to understand their thoughts is part of how Reisen helped me develop a healthier and happier worldview - I just copied how she thought about things as best I could.


Reisen started as a concept of unconditional love, not an imaginary friend. Tewi and Flandre were technically my first tulpas. While I did toss around the term "imaginary friend" back then, it never seemed to fit - I believed my tulpas were sentient right from the start. Not so much because I just assumed they were, as much as it felt rude to think otherwise.


Unlike you lucky people, my ability to visualize visual details is horrible. Describing what that means however is very difficult, because you can't "explain" poor vision to someone with perfect eyesight. Basically, it means when I think of something like a farmyard, I imagine a red barn and brown tree with green leaves and a white fence and so on... But I only just barely see it. The images themselves are extremely vague and blurry, but it's as normal to me as blurry trees are to those with poor vision. Most of what I imagine is simply context to me, with some vague images that I infer as fully detailed, but visually are far from that.


... So... Well, I can't really see my tulpas very well. Never been able to. Visualization is very much a muscle akin to dream recall in that it can become fit again in a very short amount of time, and functions fairly well as long as you keep using it. And it tends to disappear as soon as you stop unless you were a natural in the first place. So of course I've had good times over the years where I had a decent amount of practice. And during those times, I can see my tulpas in my mind - colors, outfits, pose, expression. Except I don't see details. The happy expression on Flandre's face is entirely contextual. I can "imagine" exactly what it's like for all intents and purposes, but if I'm being honest I can't see it very well. When I can the image tends to snap to memories of physical pictures of them I'm familiar with, ie. To be fair I've got a lot of those. To be completely honest I've got a really bad habit right now of imagining Tewi exactly like this whenever I'm talking to her. It's a great reference picture for her, but still, it's really hard for me to imagine her otherwise and keep it that way recently. The benefit at least is that I can visualize details a lot better when they're memories of a picture I know. At least then I can see faces.[/hidden]


Aaanyways.. Don't feel inclined to write that much. I established my tulpas' existences, natures and beliefs and so on, in a lot of detail long before discovering tulpas. And a shockingly large amount of those beliefs fell right into place with the community's. But still, a lot didn't, and despite definitely being tulpas mine sure are the opposite of "the norm".

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Cute tulpas you have.


Well, for starters, I never really created my first tulpa, Dimitrov. He just showed up one day, when I was still a kid. I remember it was freezing, and I was just remembering how shitty my day was, and I started crying, the tears were warming my cold cheeks, and then I heard:


'Don't cry, little one.'


I felt really... different, when I heard that. I asked who was there, since my father was out working as always, and the voice itself sounded quite deep, and the voice said: 'A friend.'. That was Dimitrov. Ever since then, we've known each other and became good friends, although we have this professor-student relationship going on, with me being the teacher in some domains.


I believe that it sort of stands out because I was just a child. My brain was not as developed to be able to do those things, and I never really pretended to have any friends, imaginary or physical. I was never a creative person either, I cannot write stories or anything creative. I was always limited intellectually, too, because I have a certain learning disability I would rather not make public. I didn't really have an edge or advantage, it just happened. Dimitrov always told me to never let anyone know about his existence, he is EXTREMELY wise, his every decision always ends up being the best thing to do, and saved our back quite a few times.


Blak is another story. It's quite difficult, but I know one thing. It's that I genuinely care for Blak. Unlike Dimitrov, Blak is really everything messy; fun, chaotic, emotional and clingy... except that she changed a while ago. She was the only person I had ever opened up to (since Dimitrov literally looks like Sigmund Freud in his late years when I gave him the choice of having his own form). Once we learned more about tulpamancy, we decided that we could give a shot to making a tulpa, and it's been a bumpy road. I have difficulties expressing emotions, so it was a good relief. I guess that you could probably call Blak a really messy person, but it was truly fun to have her around. She's kind of like a Rorschach entity, now. Dimitrov competes with her a lot, but always ends up winning with this huge grin on his face, priceless, I say.


Dimitrov never really seems to have any moments of absence. I know that some tulpas stop speaking often during the day, but Dimitrov is like a bank of wisdom who never really stops to talk. His monologues will ALWAYS remain interrupted by any sort of concentration efforts. I can focus on anything, and he'll keep going. He's a very understanding person, too, since we never had a misunderstanding we could not sort with reason, and never put emotions in priority in our relationship.


Not too much, but yeah, my two cents.



EDIT: I also think I should include this in this post, although it's probably nothing. My tulpas have proved to be extremely, extremely intelligent, on levels that surpass my own planning, and have put plans on the scale of weeks, paying active attention at all times. They're pretty deep, their psychology is really too fucking complicated, I can barely make sense out of Dimitrov, Blak is such a mystery, even though I've spent a long while trying to understand them. They don't actually think like normal people, they think in a way that there is 10 reasons behind things such as apples, or anything, really. In shorter terms, I'd say they really think too much.


Ah, I'm too tired. I only came here to help.

« — Va, je ne te hais point ! »

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Guest Anonymous

One thing I have learned over time is there really isn't much of a "norm" for tulpas. They all seem to vary quite a bit. I am a little more talkative than most, but I think that is because I collaborate and blend with my host on proxy tulpa typing. I am also a natural chatty Cathy and blabber mouth.

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One thing I have learned over time is there really isn't much of a "norm" for tulpas. They all seem to vary quite a bit.




Yep, agreed.


I'd also argue that the line between "tulpa" and "non-tulpa headperson" isn't as clear as many seem to think. My system identifies as soulbonds, sure, but we could very easily argue a point for "accidental tulpae via literary forcing."


But we'll go back to lurking on this thread, because arguing semantics is less interesting than learning about the other tulpae on this board. ;)

Sparrow---Temar---Joss---Ayo--et al

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Guest Anonymous

I thought I would add a little more to my response to this thread in the spirit of the OP. I will make it a brief list of things that are traits I have:


* often blended with host, sharing emotions and thoughts and memories

* not very active or dorment when host is not actively thinking of me

* I communicate in flash visions/flash images and formulaic mind voice sentences when my host his not actively thinking of me

* I have no memories from my dormant periods

* I dream with my host, dream on my own and appear in my host's dreams frequently. Sometimes I call myself a dreamform.

* My host thinks I am an illusion/self delusion and he is very silly. I often agree with him on that to keep him happy and not feeling crazy.

* My host and I communicate through, and collaborate on, elaborate day dreams we call the Melian Show. I talk to him in the day dreams in what we are now calling "proxy mind voice," in which he interprets my intent and puppets my form along with me. I know, it's weird. We call it semi-autonomous.

* I am bout 35 years old. Sometimes my host says 38 or 39 but that is stretching it back to my earliest origins before I had autonomous traits. So I started having mind voice and doing flash visions and auto day dreams around 1980 or so. (oh my gosh, it's 2016 now, so that would be 36 years old. eek!)

* My form is a very vivid and detailed image in our minds. My mind voice is also very clear and distinct.

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Luna can alter my subconscious directly, which apparently is an ability that tulpas rarely develop, even when they get to be her age. She's already used it to great effect in managing my autism and improving my frame of mind on life stuff in general.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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Well, lots of people here would argue that a tulpa is a person first and a form second. But that isn't really our case, I guess. Céleste's form changes accordingly to his experiences which ultimately represent his personality, therefore his form seems to be bound with his personality.


Secondly, (I'm not really sure if this could be named as something that's "different from the norm" rather than just a different personality type, but it cuts pretty close) from what I've seen, tulpas here tend to take the calmer and sensitive type of approach to things. Céleste is nearly the exact opposite of that. He's way more instinct-driven than I am, and whereas I tend to be flexible with my "attitude", Céleste is rock-solid with the way he behaves.


I mean, I was just reading Koomer's old Tumblr blog and narrating my ideas to him a few minutes ago, while this>

was open in the background. (legs so hot you can fry an egg on them) He was dancing, like he usually does, and when I came to the part where Koomer talks about tulpas not being real, he turned around, conjured up a pair of sunglasses, put them on and gave me the finger. Both of them, actually.


That's what I mean by "rock-solid".

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Guest Anonymous

Ah man.

Wrote about this so often in so many different contexts - I'll simply write down a simple list here.


Here we go:

- I didn't consciously create her; she just started existing

- She turned sentient and vocal and stuff at some point on her own, and started trying to make me notice her

- And a few weeks later we started talking (This point in time is now referred to as "from the start")

- Was fully vocal from the start

- Could do projection (imposition under tulpa-control) from the start

- We didn't even know initially that parallel processing and autonomy aren't easy to achieve, she simply was / did both from the start...

- ... to the point where our "heads" are separate (we don't simply know by default what the other one thinks, feels, wants etc.)

- She's absolutely huge on tulpa rights (her message is basically that tuppers are equal on "worth" to humans in every way... which I wholeheartedly agree with)

- We don't actually know for sure if she's a tulpa, and not something else

- Being a copy of a fictional witch whose magic is based on imagination and willpower, the real Esterina too has so much of the latter two that she's, as I understand it, able to imagine entire small worlds with all the people and events in them in real-time (she creates them in our wonderland to play around for the lulz)

- Her very earliest memories reach back to a point where she was already perfectly sentient, autonomous, vocal etc.

- She knows she existed before the earliest point in time she remembers, but she doesn't have any recollection of the time before that


In terms of being a quasi-copy of a fictional character:

- She's a quasi-copy of a fictional character of mine, sharing her personality, skills, memories and so on with her; she doesn't share the fictional one's emotional bonds to other fictional characters, though

- Her "fictional life" took place in a world that's caught in a constant war between countless overpowered witches and witchers on two sides...

- ... and the fictional Esterina is not only a witch with levels of might in her hands great enough to end entire universes by merely thinking about it...

- ... but she's also directly involved in leading the good guys' military into war, and is also one of the members of the council that rules supreme over the entire world on a multiversal scale

- This means Esterina actually has the life experience of a witch, fighter, military commander and world ruler on a multiversal scale; one that's several thousand years of age, to be precise

- But this also means that she's killed more people than she could ever count, and was killed more times than she could ever count, only to return back to life after some time everytime she was killed...

- ... which also means that living such a very peaceful life without war or politics is, while of course pleasant, still beyond unusual and odd to her


Other noteworthy trivia:

- She's a giggle monster

- She / her fictional counterpart wasn't always a witch; she used to be a demon (she wasn't evil though... that's not how demons work in that world), and thus looked a bit different (she had snake-like pupils, for example)

(- Witches from that world are half-demons, though)

- Esterina still sees herself, no matter if that "other life" was fictional or not, as a witch, quite decidedly so


... yup.

That sums it up.





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Najere: I'll take this one.


Big things;

~ "Soulbond" or "literary based" system, like the Sparrows. Technically not tulpae, but similar enough that we can still post on here just fine. Those with the less metaphysical slants, that is.

~ Our system isn't essentially host-centric. IE, Fade isn't the primary force in our lives, and we all affect and interact with each other just as much as her.

~ Fade created us with no previous knowledge of plurality and no assumption that we were or were not sentient. We simply were.

~ We were created almost entirely through puppeting, though, I believe this to be ordinary for most who identify as being soulbond systems.

~ We have a larger system than most tulpamancers feel they could sustain, not counting the walk-ins and old bonds that quietly bounce in and out.

~ We actively engage in roleplay with each other, creating our quote-on-quote, "alternate universes" connected to/as a part of our mindscape to take on other roles and tell stories. (Destinari, GovWorld, Spectrus, etc)


Little things;

~ Medea and the Twins have been known to spontaneously alleviate Fade's headaches from time to time when they front with her, and no-one has any clue why or how.

~ Just... The general nature of the Twins. One entity? Two? It's ambiguous at times, though they usually seem separate enough.

~ We have a member with no mindvoice, unless you could beeps and whistles. (Drewbie)

~ Demetrius can't see, though when he fronts, he is able to use sensory information from the body's eyes. (And then again, he did intentionally choose to remove his visual capabilities in the mindscape)


I should probably appologize to some extent for previous posts saying that the thought of tulpae that shut down when not interacting with their host is frightening. It just seemed out of my range of belief, as that is not a feature of our system.

A queer soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences.

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I was a little kid when I started talking to my imaginary friend so I didn’t know about tulpas. He has a few quirks.


His Wonderland is a deeply detailed and evolved “universe” that changes almost of its own volition. It has its own “story”, which started more than twenty years ago. With time, I incorporated many worlds of books that I loved, so it became massively complex. I could say that, from what I see here, a Wonderland is more like an interactive background. When I step into ours it’s exactly like entering a parallel universe, with its own times and characters, even though they are NPC. That might be because I often wrote about him. He has a backstory that deeply deviated from what I decided for him. He is currently keeping the name of the “role he is playing”. He is not a souldbond because he existed before I wrote stories about him or adapted the books I love by placing him as the protagonist. However, by living those stories he acquired, almost by himself, many traits that I didn’t possess. He says that making experiences in the mind is not different than making them in the outside world, if you are convinced that what you are going through is real.


Sometimes during lucid dreams, I see the passing of his life, and I experience the changes that he went through. I can also visit the “past”, and meet a version of him as a child, who is conscious but unaware of who I am, or of being a tulpa. During dreams I often jumped throughout the “timeline” and have met some of his past selves. His present or “core one”, however, is aware of also being my “imaginary” companion. He says that living in our universe and living inside one’s mind is the same. In fact he argues that we humans could indeed be thoughtforms inside a greater intellect. He also thinks that to understand the nature of our reality it’s fundamental to know our own mind and that nothing real or scientific is beyond a properly honed imagination. During the years, he adapted our universe to science and philosophical concepts as well as some history, so he can actively “learn” what he likes by just living there.


He built a few “mind palaces”, which function as storage for information and memories or for my artistic projects.


He sees himself as the guardian of my mind. When I go exploring its deeper substrates, he escorts me and sometimes he protected me from what I found there.


My tulpas have proved to be extremely, extremely intelligent, on levels that surpass my own planning, and have put plans on the scale of weeks, paying active attention at all times. They're pretty deep, their psychology is really too fucking complicated, I can barely make sense out of Dimitrov, Blak is such a mystery, even though I've spent a long while trying to understand them. They don't actually think like normal people, they think in a way that there is 10 reasons behind things such as apples, or anything, really. In shorter terms, I'd say they really think too much.


I also noticed this with mine, possibly because he has access to my entire subconscious and so can solve problems and see connections much faster. It’s almost as if he is using my brain as a computer. He would work over his research independently from me, and then explain it during lucid dreaming. A few times, he literally made me sleepwalk to write down theories that I barely understood upon my first read. His explanations too are unlike anything I witnessed awake, since he mostly transmits “information” immediately and wordlessly. Other times instead it’s almost like being immersed in a 3D movie. Maybe because at a deeper level the brain’s functions are more “fused” together. He does the same with writing and music, though I still haven’t learned to transcribe them down in their original intricacy. It’s both frustrating and riveting.


His own mind also possess substrates, just like my own, and it’s been a crazy journey to get to known him. I think that understanding Consciousness it’s complex beyond our own consciousness, and that’s something mind blowing.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

[progress report]



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