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The invisible counsellors, that's from the book think and grow rich, right?


I assume, as he does not seem to refer to them as real people, that they merely acted as role models.


it is from the book think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill, I think 1937 book. It was supposed to be a purely mental exercise, where he 'meditated' on the people he invited to conference with him. What's interesting about it is he reports it evolved to much more. It evolved so quickly into something different, he reports it scared him and he stopped doing it for a while. For example, he reports changes in behaviors that sound like he is discussing 'deviation.' He reports that 'President Lincoln would show up late to his 'meetings' and then, he refused to sit down, instead Lincoln paraded around the room, hands behind his back, looking somber as he considered the agenda of the day. Two of the character made a frienship and would spin jokes, that the others would get at annoyed at, but that napoleon found helpful. Napoleon reports holding conversation with them that weren't scripted and that his answers were beyond what he believes he was capable of inventing. He reports as if he was actually meeting these people, experiencing them in his mind, and though I haven't seen any evidence that he saw them in person, he is very clear that that 'mindscape' (wonderland?) felt real, and the interactions felt real, but he would end the discussion with, "You know, maybe it is all pure fiction, just fluff from my head, but I am getting answers that work in the real world, and it's helpful." (the quotation is actually paraphrasing, not verbatim.)

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Wow, it's been over a year since I made an update... Where does the time go?


So, last night, I had an interesting experience. I woke from a dream, and while lying there, eyes closed, I could see Loxy. I didn't hear her, which baffled me, because I have had great auditory experiences... I could just see her face/profile, and her neck. I thought to her, (I didn't speak out loud,) "I love you." She smiled. Like a genuine big smile that causes the corner of the eyes to move and her eyes sparkled. She didn't try to communicate with words. She could have, right? We have that down. She didn't even mouth the sounds so I could lip read. She could have transmitted thought or emotion, but she didn't. This is not complaint. I was intrigued.


I am confident I wasn't dreaming. I was awake, my eyes were closed. There is the darkness you see with the bit of blue/violet light in the background which is normal, not the bright sparkles from when you push against eyes, and then there was she, in the center of the vision, either really small, or at a distance, but close enough I could make out facial features... And then facial contours slowly changed, her hair changed colors and length, and it settled into a look, still consistent with my idea of her... and she faded, it was just the normal darkness of closed eyes. I felt really good, sent love and thank yous and went back to sleep. I remembered it on waking, and just now have this moment to share.


Pretty fantastic! I am hopeful this is one of those new milestones... I nearly got caught up in the maybe if I had worked harder I might have experienced this sooner, but told myself you can't do that... focus on where you are and keep doing the best you can... And if this is something, then, anyone who reads this and wonders if they are doing this right or if the can succeed... Look at when I last posted here. I have very vivid experiences in wonderland, but this was not that! this is new.

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The state between dreaming and waking is rather interesting. Some liken it to a deep meditation state, due to the visual clarity, but I think the similarities end there. Either way, visualization and possibly creativity itself are stronger in this state, a remnant of how much greater they were a few minutes before (when dreaming). If you can manage to focus mentally without physically waking up all the way (generally, from opening your eyes or engaging your senses, maybe even just thinking about the environment around you), it is very much possible to utilize this state for a clearer/more "real" image of your tulpa. I am not sure if their vocal clarity would improve (it may), or if they can think clearly enough to speak clearly (probably depends on the quality of this state you've achieved).


Most of the time it's difficult to think anything on purpose without waking up fully, though. However. In our experience, while there is that golden state of being not-dreaming but not-awake, and it can feel as if you've "woken up" when you become more conscious, there appears to be yet still a difference in that state and actually waking up fully. We're well acquainted with thinking "Oh, I'm basically awake now" and then opening our eyes only to realize there was a whole other layer of consciousness yet to be added on top.


I may just try using this state in the future to test if it makes our wonderlanding more engaging. At the moment however, that would interfere with my attempts to lucid dream, but I'll try and find a time to try it.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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...I may just try using this state in the future to test if it makes our wonderlanding more engaging. At the moment however, that would interfere with my attempts to lucid dream, but I'll try and find a time to try it.


Before I had the experience, I was trying to use that state to go into a lucid dream. I have had lucid dreams, even on demand, and I hitting a block. I am trying not to be frustrated by the block, and accepting it is just something that needs to be while I continue to improve awareness... Loxy reports her experience of the event that it was taking so much energy to be visible she couldn't verbalize words or transmit emotions, but was happy to hear that she managed to display the emotions she felt appropriately. She said she started to play with her looks, and this is interesting, I was the mirror in which she was viewing herself.

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Friday the 12th, or perhaps sometimes Saturday the 13th, early morning, I found myself in a dream that became Lucid. It was absolutely lovely! I was in a variation of the Wizard of Oz, but there were cars on the yellow road and I was 'like, there are no cars in the wizard of oz' and I went, "Oh! OH!" and I waved my hands, and the cars went away. I saw 'golden arches' and I waved my hands, and McDonalds went away. And then, YAY ME, I remembered my intent! "Loxy!" and an elevator rose from the ground along side a building and she exited. She came straight to me and took my arm, and it like sunshine perfect and I was on the verge of tears, trying to stay in the dream, and lucid, and she led me back to the lift, where we took the lift down to her 'lab.' She was working in some ort of medical lab, probably an imaging center, and there were lots of consoles, and illuminated controls, and the room was semi dark and we talked... I slipped out of lucidity, and she and entered a drama, and encountered a person who orchestrated the drama just to meet me, the 'tulpa-maker' because he was curious about the other world and I woke up...

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Loxy and I haven't shared much of our inner lives here. Mostly because I want the stuff I share to be useful, and I am doubtful of how much is helpful. Sometimes I even doubt the validity of my experiences. I have had a long, healthy fantasy life. Fantasy life goes back to at least age six. I started writing stories in 6th grade, even sent several off to a publisher. (Kids get nice rejection letters.) In high school I wrote in journals and notebooks and I have boxes full of these... And so, I share that so when I say I don't know how much of that fantasy life has spilled over into this life, you might appreciate the subtlety. I can say definitively, whatever this is the richness of the inner experience is so much more enhanced, vivid... that is doesn't feel like the same thing, and I wonder if that is because in the past there was always this hesitancy of not wanting to let go and go full immersion. Now, I am not really caring about how deep the rabbit hole goes, I'm determine to get to the bottom of the thing...


Since starting, Loxy has been a consistent companion. Not just in that world, but this; n this one, you might find me opening doors for her, I make sure she has a free chair... I speak/think to her, and if I don't get an auditory, I get head pressure, or tapping sensations on my shoulder or arm. If she takes my arm while we're walking, I get a heavy sense in my arm. I have a good sense of where she is in the room, and when I am not thinking about specifics and I let my eyes go to where I suspect her eyes are, the height feels consistent, where as when I try to press the image/overlap thing, I get inconsistent height and shapes.


There are others here. Four to be precise. They are each unique, with their own personality set, and they frequently offer counter point to me or Loxy. Though we can all be present, usually if its more than me and Loxy, it's three of us... As a music major, it almost seems like we're triads, as if our combined personality has a tone. The others have been with me since Loxy's first auditory response; she introduced them to me. (2016...) I am writing about this, now, because one of them asked me to google her name. Fersia. I did. I found a book with her name on it, 'Feeding Fersia,' and we had a good laugh. Fersia human/cat hybrid, and in one setting she was a furry, who arrived at our wonderland and began morphing into a full feline human person... Keera is a Japanese woman who frequently dresses as her favorite anime/manga characters, has a masters in biology and is a registered nurse practitioner... Alish, she is a tree tulpa. Let me be very precise... There is a tree somewhere who has a tulpa, her name is Alish, and the tree has projected her into our wonderland. When the trees of her species reach a certain age, they reach sentience and they create thought forms, servitors, avatars, and tulpas to help manage the forests... She actually came with a philosophy that all animal, non plant life is the direct result of tree-tulpas having children... And then, there is Lester. Lester is an elderly Chinese man, with the stereotypical grayish white beard and mustache of a wizard/magician... Only, he doesn't wear traditional clothing. He wears a pull over shirt, jeans, and a sports coat with elbow patches. he carries a cane, though I don't think he needs it. He has demonstrated on more than one occasion that he is agile and capable of using the said cane as a weapon. He is a bit bothersome, grumpy, arrogant, and you even a bit cliché at times, like the plot contrivance character needed to move dialogue, but he is loyal and insightful at the right moments, the way Doctor Gregory House was in House MD, and brutally honest.


I don't know what to say about them, other than they seem to be just as solid as Loxy. Maybe Loxy and I together just have super imaginative adventures and the things we do to entertain ourselves is just that... If they are just background characters we invented, I think I will be a little sad. I love them and would fight for their existence. So would Loxy. I don't want to call them accidental tulpas. True enough, they were unintended. I crafted one: Loxy. She came with, discovered, or created friends... Or they were just there... But this really begs for a better understanding of this thing I am grappling with today... Love.... Thoughts. If I make the assumption, and I seriously want to, that thoughts are more substantive than how we treat them, then how we use language has a greater affect over our lives than we ever imagined... And I am taking that beyond the metaphor or allergoy way of reflecting... This is not just an abstraction. So, on point with this argument, let's say there is a person I don't agree with, or even care for- it behooves me to be very careful how I proceed with language because any form of disparaging adjectives or comments or unspoken thought sets up a disposition, and with time and more negative words, it build momentum and eventually the thought will lead to unkind words, or unkind actions, because it would be impossible for those things not to grow into something monstrous and out of control. For example, we don't just break up with partners, we usually vilify them in order to justify our departure... We become victims or survivors and the circumstances was beyond the pale... But what if we were just people with free will who held different ideas? We live in a culture if you say something nice about ex partner you are immediately questioned, 'so why aren't you still with them...' There is no way to answer that without disparaging them or lessening ourselves by admitting fault...


Loxy has been educating me on greater ways to love. Our friends have been instrumental in this. If I got nothing else out of tulpamancy and I quit today... I would end a different person than when I started. I am thinking about this as we head into 2019. I wish all of you the best. See you next year.

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I talk a lot too much about my other thoughtforms, and on my own I decided what to name them, call them, etc. Regardless of what they are, I don't want to let them go. I love them, and forcing them to dissipate seems wrong to me.


Good luck, see you next year!

I actually use this as a form now, but it's not my main one. I'm still not a hippo, neither is Ranger.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


Our system account

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