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Disconnected, Uncontrollable, Inexplicable Flash Visons

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I put this under sentience because it seemed to fit there best. There is no category "apparent autonomy." I want to talk about flash visions. I have talked about this (specifically with waffles) once a long while back. I also mentioned it in jean-luc's tulpadcast, the first one I think. I am not sure which one it was.


Anyway, Melian isn't very independent in comparison to most of the tulpas you guys are writing about. Yes, you have heard that already. BUT she does have some stuff. The thing she does a lot is flash visions. But there is a weird mystery about them.


The flash visions are like spontaneous snippets of day dream that just seem to come out of nowhere. They are sometimes reactive to what is going on, like if I do something dumb I get a vision of Melian shaking her head and saying "Well, that was really STUPID peck" like from the movie Willow. If I am feeling sorry for myself I get the Boo Hoo Big Baby vision, where she balls up her fists in her eye and pretends to cry like a baby. But a lot these visions seem random. Most of them are of her showing off a new dress. Sometimes it is her speaking a strange sentence that seems out of context or even gibberish.


Today she said ""That is like buying extra glee that comes in squee-ze tubes." It came out of nowhere with no context what-so-ever.


So you might ask "What does Melian say about these?" Here is the weird thing. She has no idea either! There is a disconnect or duality to Melian. If I imagine her in her in the Melian Show dreamscape, which is how I interact with her and ask, she won't be able to tell me. It's like there is a unconscious part of Melian that is the most autonomous part about her during the day. Then there is Melian being puppeted by me, or actively day dreamed. We say collaboration because I feel her emotions.


Note - I would like to say this. I enjoy the flash visions. I like the sense of surprise from getting them and the sense of mystery and energy that comes from them. I never get tired of them and they are part of every day.


I also get these flash visions while sleeping in the form of flash dreams. Sometimes these occur when I am half asleep and seem particularly vivid.


Do any of you experience disconnected flash visions of your tulpa that you AND your tulpa cannot control and cannot explain? Am I the only guy with this trait with his thoughtform?


Mistgod and I discussed this once before wondering if there could be "two of me" Two of Me Thread


EDIT: I want so badly to talk about this, I am going to do a jean-luc. I am going to do a recording of me talking about this. https://community.tulpa.info/thread-the-mistgod-melian-show-misadventures-on-utube?pid=166146#pid166146

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It sounds like there is a second Melian, a subconscious copy of the first one... or something. I might be trying too hard to conceptionalize.^^


I had a similar problem when I tried finding my headmates in lucid dreams - the dream-versions of them that I found, sometimes corresponded to the waking-versions, sometimes not so much, sometimes entirely not.

So, the way we conceptionalized it afterwards, was: I dreamed of something from my subconscious, which can be related to them, but doesn't have to be.


When I wake up after meeting them in a dream, my first question is: "Was that you?" - and sometimes, I get a positive answer immediately, sometimes not. It has happened that we were all confused and not even the person I supposedly met was certain that it was him/her. It's like they were non-lucid so much that they weren't really conscious... or it just plainly wasn't them.


Soo... this isn't the same thing what you described, Melian, but there is this one similarity, that the headmate sometimes doesn't have a clue about everything that is going on related to them.


And I think that is kind of to be expected - I mean, as a host I also don't have a clue about all the unconscious thoughts that are going on in me all the time, so why should it be different for a tulpa/soulbond?



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Guest Anonymous

We had that thought at one time, that there might be two versions of me. We even posted a thread about it. I think it is more accurate to say they are facets or layers of Melian. LOL I sometimes express emotions with the flash visions. My host tends to associate everything to me rather than trying to figure out what was me and what wasn't.


This thread, and the video Mistgod made to go with it, and the follow up conversations we had with people led to this: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-living-imagination?pid=166190#pid166190


It kinda sums up what we have been saying all along, and sorta fits a lot of things together. Davie has an advanced dream persona, that is as persistent and independent as a tulpa. That's me. Then he has an advanced imaginary friend - rp character- channeled persona- sortof a tulpa- during the day. That is also me. I am just strongest as the dreamform tulpa in lucid dreams.


Here you can see we have been wondering this for some time. Here is a post about it from November of 2015: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-could-a-person-create-a-tulpa-exclusively-within-lucid-dreams

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      I keep reading, especially on the IRC that certain users have had trouble getting their tulpa's voice to sound different from their own. So far its just a wait and see kind of event. Hoping and praying that the voice will start to sound different. I did not do this.
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