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MTV's 'Tulpamancy' - Owning It (Episode 1)


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"I know it's easy to hold that position now, but you know, plenty of people who are "attracted" here aren't nutcases or anything."


That's a very good joke. Did you make it up yourself?


I think some of the animation was amusing - the robot brain in a jar with the voice synthesiser and textual display was a nice touch. I think it'd be funny if someone made a tulpa that had its form.


I wish they picked someone less stereotypical to interview, or at least have the interviewee be masked and given one of those voice modulators so it sounds several octaves lower. Now this poor guy is probably going to have shitty Y.T.P.s using the video where it's edited even further so it sounds like he's saying obscene things.

I've seen good people bleed

And I thought I'd seen it all

But my own two eyes would prove me wrong that day.


There are things that I've done

Only seen by the sun

And those things will be buried in my grave.



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woops :s

I will never be willing to be mean. Please tell me if I was, or if my English was wrong.

I always want to learn, and understand more things !


Floh is my "host"

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I think that's an extremely harsh statement. As everyone was saying before, Sam had an incredibly long interview, and MTV decided to cut it into a format that sensationalized the whole thing. You shouldn't just bash her for trying, she was the one that stepped up for the interview, there isn't anything wrong with her doing that.

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Oh man the cringe is real. Hard to watch. Ow. This is the kind of shit that makes me go "what am i doing with my life" associating with tulpa communities. I mean tulpa stuff is a hard thing to explain anyway without such a... socially unware... person representing it. I mean i have 2 tulpas but i dont interact with the community barely at all so i have a weird perspective but... I mean this video just comes off so bad. It comes off as a really lonely autistic person making up an imaginary friend because an internet community told them to. The furry ears and tail thing was something that could probably have been left out and didnt help her case. The "switching" thing too was a terible thing to say on camera.., reminds me of Oguigi, literally the saddest person ever... Tulpamancy has a real dark side, and this interview highlights that and doesnt show the positives. know MTV probably used only the most attention grabbing footage. Ultimately its a shame it turned out this way. Representing an entire community is a really big burden for anyone. Shame on MTV though. I feel bad for everyone involved. Fuuuuck.

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3.5 minutes of cringe. I really should just get it over with.


I would like to say that if you experience self-esteem issues from watching your community portrayed in a negative light, well, um, that's also kind of silly if you think about it. All small communities experience ridicule. And it seems to correlate with how interesting they are.


So, the video also plays off the preconceptions of socially awkward people as well...

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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a really lonely autistic person making up an imaginary friend because an internet community told them to.


Yeah, hahahahah thats totally not what happened with me hahahaahahah wouldn't that be rediculous hahahahahaha

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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