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The effect of mindset

How important is mindset to tulpaforcing?  

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  1. 1. How important is mindset to tulpaforcing?

    • It has no effect.
    • Not really important.
    • Moderatly important.
    • Very important.
    • It changes everything about forcing.

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Hey, couldn't find a thread to address this question. I've heard lots of opinions, but I want more. I am soliciting wild mass guessing.


To what degree:


(1) Does they way you think about tulpas affect how fast they are created? Theories?


(2) Does the way you think about tulpas affect their abilities? Theories?


(3) Does the way you think about tulpas affect how tulpas work within your mind? Does this explain differences between tulpas? Theories?


(4) Does the way you think about tulpas affect how wonderlands, independence, memory, and sleeping work?


(5) Does the way you think about tulpas affect what you consider a tulpa, or the language you use to express your experiences? Are people talking cross purposes?


(6) Does the way you think about tulpas affect the dropout rate, or how careful do we need to be to promote a positive mindset to new tulpamancers? Why?

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I probably sound like a broken record on this point, but I'm of the opinion that most of the way a tulpa is built is pretty much based on belief, at least when we're talking internal abilities. Like... if you go into tulpamancy expecting your tulpa to be unstable or malevolent, then that tends to manifest in the tulpa in some way. Same case for if you think tulpas should be able to see through your eyes, or if you think tulpas can shift forms, or if you think your tulpa should age with you or remain age-locked forever, or whether you think a tulpa can fly in the Wonderland. All those are things that are directly affected by your belief of what a tulpa is.


Gets a little more complex when you start getting into things that are a little more dependent on physical world factors, like how fast the tulpa forms or whether they can learn certain "advanced" skills, like switching or imposing. I think that's less about mindset and more about the capabilities and skills already in their collective brain.


And number 5? That's just a question of language. Different people use the same terms to mean different things, and different terms to mean slight subtleties on the same things. It's why I can call myself a tulpa, a soulbond, a headmate, and a couple other things, and have none of them be technically wrong depending on what definition you're using. That's just how language works, you know? ;)


Seems like a pretty cut-and-dry overall question to me, but hey, like I said, the power of "belief" is something I've always been keen on. It's always seemed true for my system, and to a bunch of cases that have come into the forums. Could be wrong though, so it'll be interesting to see some of the responses this thread gets.

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I find it difficult to contribute to discussions on the forums these days (as our beliefs don't always adhere to logical structure and I don't enjoy frustrating people).


That being said, due to the subjective nature of Tulpamancy, I think your physical/mental/spiritual state drastically affects the development of any thoughtforms.

It's my belief that SubCon created my headmates specifically because I was struggling with addiction and mental illnesses. He (it?) saw that I needed help and wasn't getting it in "real" life from "real" people.

It's difficult to say whether or not I'd experience multiplicity if I had grown up completely healthy/well adjusted.

I personally think everybody has voices to some degree and most people just don't think about it very deeply.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that tuppers are created by the host to fulfill a specific need/want (and then deviate/evolve from there).

And if you have walkins or whatever I would argue that your subconscious either pulled them in or allowed them to come in for a reason even if you're not aware of it.

And if they forced their way in then it's just an example of the illusion of separation (they are you and you are them).

Like I said before, our beliefs are as labyrinthine as they are circular- and we like it that way.

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

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