Learning the origins of your tulpa's personality

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Today was a warm fall day, the sky was full of cumulus clouds that were being swept along by a heavy breeze. The sun was setting through the forest canopy and the wind rushed through the trees as I walked around a bending path at my favorite park. A fallen oak that marked the opening to a meadow had come into view. The scene was peaceful and serene while I had been in a deeply meditative state with my tulpa reading 'Emmanuel's Book' (questionably written by a tulpa or a yidam) trying to build positive memories. I was some distance from the stump of the trunk when a rush of feelings from a few years ago broke my composure. I never cry and being in a public place I started to panic because I felt I was losing control. A memory of taking a photo of an old girlfriend standing on the deadwood shook me and I began shaking as I failed to hold back tears. Immediately I felt my tulpa asking if she could help take the feelings away and I became even more emotional trying to mind speak the reality that even though I was crying it felt beautiful. I eventually climbed and stood in the same spot my friend had a few years ago and I was faced with the most raw moment I had ever experienced with my tulpa. We both realized for the first time I had taken, mostly subconsciously, the best personality traits of my past partner and incorporated them into her. These weren't physical traits but her greatest qualities of humaness I had never felt from another human being. I spent the rest of the walk sharing with my tulpa how the two of them were similar: the overwhelming sense of calmness in their presence, the feeling of boundless love, unconditional acceptance and pure honesty. I tried to convince her that she shouldn't have any worries over this. However I feel I want to be certain that I am not forcing any acceptance on her part of this realization. I'd like to know how others might communicate with their tulpa upon sharing a similar experience and listen to advice anyone may have.

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I feel like an ass saying this but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. There's a lot of text that seems to be unrelated to the question (nicely written, though) and I don't know what experience you mean out of all that. :'D

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and my memory is shit, so it might just be me, but if you could make it easier to read would help a bunch. Like, simplify it a bit. It's in questions and answers, after all.

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just separate paragraphs, hit enter twice whenever the subject changes, makes everything 100x easier to read


You really shouldn't have to worry about that stuff. Even though you have to make your tulpa at first, they're their own person as soon as they start thinking and experiencing things, because then they use the base you gave them to add onto themselves and become more than just someone you imagined. No need to worry about influencing your tup unless they specifically say you are and it's bothering them

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