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Guide for New Members

Guest Albatross_

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Guest Albatross_

Guide for New Members




The sudden influx of new members – and with them, old questions – has prompted me to write this guide.


The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with our forums, answer some questions new members commonly have, and make your assimilation into this community as smooth as possible by giving a brief overview of proper conduct on the forums.


With that said, welcome to our community. We're glad to have you here. New members means new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of doing things, and as a community that helps us tremendously.


Before I start with the guide, I'm going to make a few assumptions about you. They are:


1.You are new to the concept of tulpas, the Tulpa.info forums, or both.

2.You have read “What is a tulpa?”, “Glossary of Terms”, and “Frequently Asked Questions” in the Guides section of the site.


If you haven't done all or part of the second one, go ahead and do that now. It will save you a lot of ridicule in the long run.


Now for the guide proper.





We have ten sections to the forums. Here is an overview of them.


Forum Announcements

In this board, Pleeb (see People to Note) and the occasional moderator posts announcements about the site. If it's going to be down for maintenance, if we have a new board, if we ever decide to allow guest posting again, whatever – it will be announced here. The forum rules are located here as well, you should read those.


Forum Questions and Comments

Think the site would look better in pink and green rather than black and blue? Want a feature added to the forums? Post here about it. It will be discussed, considered and, if it's reasonable and others agree with it (seriously), acted upon.



You're in this section right now. Here is where members post tips, methods, and, well, guides, on everything related to tulpa creation. There is a lot of good material in here if you poke around a little. Just remember that you know what works for you better than any of us, and that's what should govern how you go about creating a tulpa.

Note that there is a “Guides” section on the site, if you look at the navigation links on top. In there are the core guides that we had when this community was in its inception. Also, some of the new guides posted in the Guides forum section that are well-written and universally useful have been transcribed there.


Questions and Answers

Pretty self explanatory. If you have a question about anything related to tulpas, and you feel like it's something others would be able to answer, post it here. Just make sure your question is unique. If you ask a question that's been asked before, you will be viewed as uncaring, rude, or just plain lazy. There's a search function on this board for a reason. Use it.


General Discussion

The real meat of the site. Here is where we discuss all things tulpa that can't really be classified under any of the other sections (which is a lot). There are a ton of interesting discussions going on here all the time.



Got an idea for an experiment? Think you figured out how to prove tulpas? Want to see if someone's tested the effects of hallucinogens on thoughtforms? This is the place to go. In this board we conduct pseudo-scientific experiments with and on tulpas (if they're willing). Serious topics only.


Progress Report

This board was the solution to the spaghetti mess of personal blogs people were using to keep others updated on their progress. In this board, each member – if they choose to make one – has exactly one thread that they use to log their tulpa creation process. There's some really interesting stuff in here, if walls of text don't put you off and you can cut through dribble to find the meat.


Tulpa Art

The newest addition to the forums, Tulpa Art is for artistic renditions of tulpas. Members good at drawing also hang around here, and will usually take requests.


Metaphysics and Parapsychology

In this part of the site, members who subscribe to or are interested in the metaphysical aspect of tulpas have their discussions. Talk of energy, manifestation, psionics and other topics is common here. Be warned: outside of this board, such discussion is not tolerated. You will be frowned upon if you post it, and your post/thread may end up moved or deleted. This site is psychologically oriented


or tries to be, at least




This board has no particular subject designation. If it isn't related to tulpas, or doesn't fit into any of the other boards, post it here. There aren't really any rules here. Refrain from posting pornography. Other than that it's fair game. Just remember that Tulpa.info is not the only forum on the internet. Anything you might want to discuss in off-topic most likely has a large community behind it elsewhere.



Expectations and Unwritten Rules

Every forum has them. If you want to be accepted and taken seriously by the community, these are things you need to know / do.


1.Make yourself understood. If you don't care enough to explain yourself, write coherent sentences, or use decent punctuation, why should we care enough to read what you have to say?


2.Reading comprehension. This one's huge. Make sure you understand a post before you reply to it. Ask for clarification if necessary. People don't like explaining things twice, so don't make them.


3.If you want to start a new thread, make sure it hasn't been started before. I cannot emphasize this enough. The search function is there for a reason. The "Similar Threads" plugin is there for a reason. This community does not need another "~hai~ where do I start xD" thread. Doing this will save you typing, time and ridicule.


4.Keep a modicum of professionalism. This is actually in the rules, but it should be reiterated here. We are really lax about this; we don't care if you jest, mock, whatever; but make sure it's in good fun, that you're not derailing the thread, and that you make an effort to post relevant content alongside it. That means no “xD umad bro?” shit. Also don't use shit or fuck excessively, it just makes you look stupid. Damn and hell are ok in moderation.

This rule's power level is reduced to 20% in off-topic.


5.Don't dismiss things out of hand, but don't blindly believe either. When someone comes on the IRC and says they have eight tulpas, don't immediately disregard everything they say -- but don't take them on faith, either. Remember where you are, and what we do. As LucidAcid says (and he's right), take everything you hear with a pound of salt; and as I say, keep an open mind. And as the Buddha said, put no mind above your own.


That's pretty much it. We're really not strict at all. The mods are cool. The only people ever banned were spammers and trolls, and people who requested bans so they could keep themselves off the forums.


People to Note


A really short section here. Knowing who these people are will save you some questions and us some answers.


Pleeb – Owner and founder of this site. He runs it out of his own pocket, and of those who donate.


FAQ_Man – Real name Dane, he and Irish wrote the original creation guides. He is also the author of the FAQ and several supplemental guides.


Irish – His guide was the first we had on creating tulpas. He and Dane were the original gangsters of tulpas.


The moderators – Bluesleeve, glitchthe3rd, Phi, TulpaCouple, Amadeus and of course Pleeb. Intelligent people, and quite approachable.



Miscellaneous Notes


Uh...uh...use the report button in lieu of flaming. It actually works here. If that fails and you still have an issue PM a moderator. If nothing happens then you can flame. Respect people's opinions. Don't start on a tulpa unless you are going to finish. When trying to decide whether to browse the forums or tulpaforce, tulpaforce. Don't lie. Don't roleplay without letting others know what you're doing.

Especially don't do this:



1.A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment.

2.A pompous, self-congratulatory discussion where little to no progress is made.


A warning. If you do that, nobody will tell you. You will feel accepted. You will feel loved. You will feel right. You will feel intelligent. You will feel a myriad of good feelings.


Reject them.

They are evil. Circlejerk is the arch nemesis of all online communities that have a purpose other than circlejerk. If you propagate or participate in it, you can look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am the cancer that is killing Tulpa.info".

And it will be completely true.


Don't make a thread or post asking if god is a tulpa. Seriously.





Let this be an example for ye! If you do this we will love you.

On 8/8/2012 at 11:38 PM, mayormorgan said:

I browsed tulpa.info for a month so I could learn from the [threads that were] already existing and directly relevant to my question, without having to ask/make a new thread.


On behalf of the Tulpa.info community, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your flight.




25-12-12: Updated for correctness and clarity.

Edited by Ranger
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On unwritten rules #5, you also shouldn't blindly believe somebody who claims to have multiple tulpa. While tulpa themselves are rooted in psychology, and possible to obtain, some things are still improbable (not impossible, improbable). Exercise a healthy skepticism; don't blindly follow somebody who says that their tulpa saved them from a robber one night.

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I strongly suggest anyone using FAQ_Man's guide (or Irish's to a lesser extent) from the Guides section read this:


It's about the dangers of having it set in your mind that a tulpa cannot or will not respond for real in under any given number of hours. To a lesser extent it's also about fear of parroting/puppeting, which is not as bad as the guides make it out to be. Sure, it's not something you want to do (unless following Fede-Lasse's untested method), but it's FAR worse to constantly worry that you might be doing it.


Disclosure: The above link is to a post on my tulpa blog. I'm not trying to blog-whore so much as keep others from falling into the same trap I did.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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I'd like this to be moved in the new peeps forum.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Disapproved for the Guides section.


Should be moved to New Members, potentially stickied, however the guide is old and some forum sections have changed somewhat. It wouldn't hurt if this post could be updated to cover thus, but that may not be likely possible as the author has left this forum.

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It'd probably be better to just write a new one and sticky it in the new users section. Preferably have an active staff member do it so the new users can put an important face to the message instead of the departed Albatross.

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