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How to Visualize in First Person


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Overall, I really like this submission. I only have two important issues that need need to be addressed:


Instead of trying to go into the form that you have already imagined, temporarily get rid of that form and move around your feild of view at the elevation that your form would normally stand. After you get comfortable with that[,] imagine having feet beneath you and make your vision bob up and down slightly as you walk.


A couple things here. First, go ahead and fix "field" and add the comma after "that". After that, you should add the context that this is happening in the mind's eye or the wonderland. I know it should seem obvious, but I can see how "move around your field of vision" can translate to a reader literally walking around irl and being very confused. I recommend the former since some people may not have a wonderland.


After you fix those two things, I will approve this for Tips and Tricks. All of the stuff I added bellow would add more a little more meat, but you don't have to add it if you don't want too.



Please note that the following tip was written with the intention of being used by the person in a system who is currently switched in[...]


I can see why Piano recommended this disclaimer since younger Tulpas may have more trouble with this if they have never attempted to possess or switch in before, and I'm glad you added it.


For a more developed system, I don't think it matters too much. I believe in there being one "mind cam", and if I decided to go into first person, Cat would experience herself from my perspective in the wonderland. I can front while staring at my wonderland form. I have to admit- waving at myself is really funny.


, and as a result would probably not be very helpful if you are not switched in.


I disagree, it's a fun challenge to try, but only after the reader mastered your tip first.


It is best to take this process slow so that you are less likely to meet intrusive thoughts blocking you from your goal and so that you are able to get more acclimated to visualizing like this.


What intrusive thoughts are you referring to here? Are they thoughts of discouragement? If not and these intrusive thoughts are specific to this process, you may want to make note of them.


If this process doesn't work on your first try then try again, this time doing it a bit more slowly and maybe meditating beforehand.


It could be an issue if the user has trouble with visualization and they simply need more practice visualizing. In this case, I would recommend letting them take a break and wait until they are getting better results with their visualization.

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Can't believe that I forget to change the spelling of field after piano mentioned it.


I'm not saying that it's not possible to use the perspective of someone who isn't fronting, just that such a thing is out of the scope of this tip, and I haven't made any attempt to make this tip be helpful for such a thing.


The main problem that people have with going into first person is that when they attempt it, they get thrown back to third person. Basically, the problem is a very specific and very common intrusive thought. I find that easing into something typically doesn't trigger intrusive thoughts as much as rushing into things. Furthermore I don't think this has much to do with skill in visualisation, it's just about ability to combat intrusive thoughts

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Thank you for submitting your guide for peer review.


This guide is very short and sweet, straight to the point and doesn't hold back. It's quite a simple and efficient trick from the looks of it, thought as Ranger stated, it could potentially have trouble for tulpas with forms that aren't human/bipedal. That being said, as you replied to Ranger early on in the thread, this guide essentially involves "rebuilding" your form to fit the switched human perspective. You explain it well to the point where the user has the creativity to experiment with it and use it in the way they want to, and utilize it the way that works best for them.


My only clarification that could assist with the guide is explaining what you mean by "intrusive thoughts." Is it wandering thoughts that get you sidetracked, or some sort of doubts that can occur about rebuilding the form?


+1 for approval. The grammar could be worked on, but it isn't essential for having it approved unless if it's completely unintelligible. Touch it up and you're good to go.

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Simple and to the point. We've always had the opposite problem, where we tend to accidentally switch to a first person view when we're fronting and have trouble changing to a third person. I don't know how directly our experience can verify this trick, but I can say that the general process he describes in removing your form in order to swap to first person does describe the things we do by accident when we swap to first person unintentionally; the fronter's form vanishes. In fact, the later steps in this guide of building up form-related sensations and movements is one of the things that we have done in order to work in the opposite direction, to have a third-person view. So I'd say that the approach of not trying to introduce those until you have a good first-person perspective going already is probably a good idea.


Approved. I don't have any issues with it and to the best of my knowledge it seems like it should work.

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This tip is clear and concise, and I have no criticisms of the method. I personally wouldn't change anything apart from the grammatical errors that were pointed out



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