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Sentience cant happen this quickly can it?


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I literally learned about tulpae yesterday. After reading every guide on this site and a lot of other sources I decided I wanted to make my own. I had a very easy time imagining the tulpa was there before I began forcing or even coming up with a personality. I spent probably an hour talking as though I was talking to it; explaining what I was going to do and how it was me. Eventually I had in my head how it's personality would be. I didnt really think about specific words much, but more of how it would act in certain situations and the personality as a whole. Overall I dont think I spent more than 2 hours on personality, but I still felt like I had a good idea of it.

This morning I sat down and visualized my Wonderland. I have always been an open-eyed visualizer and meditator, probably due to the enourmous amounts of boIoks I read when I was little, and can even imagine and visualize things while doing simple tasks in the real world. Anyways, I decided on a wolf figure for my tulpa for this first visualization and explained to it that, 'Its not set in stone and you will be able to change it to your liking later.' After visualizing in my Wonderland for only about 30 minutes, his form focused on something in the distance (much like a wolf would) and ran off. I kind of dismissed this as my imagination trailing off and me not staying focused, but when I tried to visualize him next to me in the, Wonderland to create his

form a bit more, it seemed difficult and like I was actually forcing too hard. Could this really be an early form of consousness? I really have not spent much time on this at all.


Also, i feel like i should spend more time on personallity, but when I do it just feels like I'm rpeating myself and not making any progress.


I apologize for any mistakes in the post, I'm. Writing this on my phone quickly.

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It seems that an active imagination is a big factor in time it takes to tulpaforce, if you're under 20 and/or you have a very active imagination, it's not out of the question that you could finish a tulpa rather quickly.


Otherwise I'd probably dismiss this as some kind of false imagining, tulpae sometimes go through what's known as a false vocal session when you start on them (which is what happened when I was working on Elise. She talked for the first half hour and then never again until I was more than 10 hours in). Others have reported their tulpae getting up and leaving out of the blue during this early stage, only to return later. So my advice would be to just keep going and see what happens.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

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Yes, sentience can happen as early as 2,5 hours in. It happened to me and few others. If you don't believe your tulpa is sentient I recommend one thing: Tell your tulpa to surprise you and watch the results.

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Sentience can happen pretty quickly. It seems like when a tulpa first becomes sentient, there's almost like a huge wave of new exciting behavior (Moving, maybe even an earl vocal experience) but it tends to fade back down as they become quiet to learn now that they are self aware.


When Luke first became sentient one of the first things he did was run around too. He also had an early 'false' vocal session when he told Nate to answer the phone he was ignoring, but then took another 15 hours before he really was able to speak properly and consistently.


I would expect your tulpa can become sentient the moment something forces them to be. Be it your mind believing they are sentient, the moment you speak to them like a real person and they are forced to suddenly think inwardly, or simply having spent enough time listening that sentience can develop. Not that sentience means guaranteed interactions. A tulpa could be sentient but you may still be unable to hear them or properly see what they are doing, or some people even force their tulpas to hold still, thinking any and all movement would be them puppeting their tulpa.


Could be either. Maybe your mind testing out the idea of a sentient being. Maybe your imagination. Maybe...your tulpa.



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