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Things That Helped Forcing

Piano Soul

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3 hours ago, Ranger said:

Reinforcing a personality trait by having a tulpa say "this is me, this is who I am" probably only works early on. Eventually, a tulpa is going to think "I'm more complicated than that" and either add to it or reject it.

yup, true it got tedious for both of us


also probs found a great active(?) forcing activity for more sentient and vocal tulpas. anyone remember those 'choose your own adventures' books from wayyy back? basically read and visualise those scenarios with your tulpa. and encourage them to do the choosing. get them to ask questions if they are vocal enough (take ur time). this looks like great visualisation practise and its good to bond over 🙂 

you can find it on wattpad for free.

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I usually would set aside an hour or so to force, and would meditate as deeply as I could to calm my mind for focusing. Usually took me about 15-20 minutes to get into a good mind state and I would listen to a music mix I made of ambient music and rainfall that was exactly an hour long - with an audio cue in the last 15 minutes so when the cue came I would wrap things up and gently bring myself back.

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