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Angry and violent tulpa very early into development

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I'm very new to tulpamancy, and I've only just started to make my first tulpa, but she seems very angry and violent already. I often receive waves of anger and irritation from her when I try and talk to her. since she is still new, and can't exactly respond, I can't really ask her what's wrong..

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Some systems have issues with intrusive thoughtforms- bad thoughts and feelings given a form and can sometimes talk. These are almost always constructed from fear or anxiety and result in a bothersome entity that feeds off of harassing you.


Given your situation, I think you got unlucky and you accidentally created an intrusive thoughtform instead. Stop giving it attention and it will dissipate on its own.


Intrusive thoughtforms can be used as the foundation for a new tulpa, but I don't recommend it. In those cases, the tulpa will most likely reject their intrusive qualities, but it's not worth waiting for that to happen and it can lead to a tulpa having identity issues down the road. Plus, it will be an uncomfortable experience for you in the meantime and cause you to associate your tulpa with stress and anxiety.


In our experience, we had issues with intrusive thoughts and thoughtforms because we had depression and anxiety. Over time, we got better and managing these and they no longer form anymore. Don't panic if you accidentally create another one, just ignore it and it will die off. Some systems also choose to attack or destroy intrusive thoughtforms in wonderland and gain satisfaction and confidence from doing so.

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