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How to become more comfortable with switching?


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This has been a problem of ours recently, especially since we're ditching the one-person-always-fronting idea and changing to more of a switching-based-on-situation look. But, my host is not very used to switching. While we have switched a lot, they personally haven't, and they prefer co-fronting to actually being switched out. Their role in our system is actually to be the primary and only fronter, which might be why they're having this problem. Something I'd note about them is that they value individuality, and without dissociating fully, they dislike switching out because it still feels like them fronting and it still feels like their actions. Even as I type this, they're co-fronting with me, not switched out fully.


So, any advice? Are there any ways to make switching more comfortable for them? Any responses are very much appreciated!

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Jaina and I use kind of a driver/passenger, pilot/co-pilot metaphor for controlling our body. I, the host, am the primary driver and sit in the driver's seat, operating most of the controls while my tulpa Jaina operates the subsystems, background monitoring, emergency subroutines and assists with navigation. For switching we just visualize switching seats and assigned tasks. It may be hard to focus on. "Rubberbanding" may occur as your psyche tries to pull back to the previous state. But it's just a learned skill to control switching as being comfortable with driving is irl. At first it feels stressful, and live disaster is waiting around every curve and trying to remember all the rules and things to pay attention to. But eventually it all just kind of soaks in and becomes muscle memory. Your subconscious starts doing most of the heavy lifting and you eventually can just sit back, watch and make sure nothing goes wrong, making corrections and adjustments where necessary. 

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