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Tulpa switching

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So i just joined this community so hi! But i have a question about switching i have been able to switch with some of my tulpas shortly is there anyway there be a way switch with them longer yes i understand practice makes perfects but is there anything that would help us further in our switching? 

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For us it really was just practice. My tulpas would switch until they got tired, and then switch back (at which point I was completely not-tired, which is interesting). That started at 1-2 hours, then progressed to eventually a whole day after some amount of time (can't remember how long anymore, somewhere between 1 and 3 months for us, possibly just the one month though). Once they could stay switched in for a whole day, they could stay switched indefinitely (ie overnight, into the next day), though up until we'd had that much practice it would always be me who woke up fronting, not them.


We didn't do any special practice or techniques, it really was just them switching and doing whatever they felt like until they had to switch back. Just gotta keep up the practice long-term.

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