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PLEASE HELP Tulpa assaulted me three times now.

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I posted yesterday about controlling what thoughtforms you have, and about tulpas' relation to greater plurality, here: https://community.tulpa.info/topic/22572-help-tulpa-revived-themself-maybe/?do=findComment&comment=413604


Otherwise, the term here for any such experiences is "invasive thoughts". When seemingly thoroughly uncontrollable, they're considered disorderly and it's recommended to get professional help from a therapist or such. Generally the solution is empowering yourself by believing in your control over things, and not giving power away by believing you don't control things. Though, in real disorderly cases like schizophrenia, it could really be out of your control, and that's where professional help is fully necessary.

Yes various levels of intrusive thoughts happen to people. As a concept overall it's pretty common, but the severity varies of course. For most it's only things like accidentally imagining your tulpa being hurt or them saying things they wouldn't, then a level worse is believing in negative thoughtforms more persistently, and then full on disorderly is whole episodes as you mentioned. In all cases the same root cause/solution is there - don't give away your control by believing intrusive thoughts have meaning or legitimacy - but the more deep rooted it is the harder that is to practice. I used to have simple intrusive thoughts in the form of my visualization perspective rotating (upside down...) or shifting against my will, which I was able to overcome on my own eventually by learning not to acknowledge it and knowing I had control. But yeah, past that level, it helps to work with a good therapist who's qualified and knowledgeable enough to help you

(Side note, not every therapist is great, or knows how to help with a specific subject, and you can always try seeing another if you think your current one isn't a good fit for you)



That's about the type of response you should expect when posting on a forum like this (especially when titled "Please help"), you can't really ask people not to give advice - and you definitely do not need to ask people not to make fun of you, if they do something like that you can report them. Other people might relate similar-ish experiences (though severity like that is slightly rare) but then they would also give advice on how to deal with it. My style of posting draws from thousands and thousands of other posts/people's experiences I've read, so you can infer the people whose similar experiences to you I've seen if you'd like.


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I would love to help you, but I lack information. I would like to know what Tulpa said to you and how he attacked you.

First of all, listen to Tulpa's words!


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