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Aarix last resort method to belief and tulpaforcing.


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Hello Everyone,

Before I begin, I want to make it very clear this does not replace or subsitute anything. I won't even confidently say to add this to your forcing sessions as I'm not aware of how this affects the tulpa. This is most recommended when you are new and looking for a way to get more

In tune with you mind so to speak. Its inpratical and ineffective however when it works it should be satifying. However don't let that detour you from further reading and gaining knowledge in case you're interested in trying.


I decided to explain and test this method of forcing, I may be going outside my means but I feel I have potential to contribute.


If you look at a post of mine I explain that drowsiness occurs when I'm forcing and thoughts, I had no part in making, pop into my head. This happens when you're tired. Its your body preparing to sleep or something along those lines. Your basically looking at what your subconscious is making for you. 


This may be a theory or everyone may know about it however, I couldn't find anything on this. Apparently what was going on is called "Hypnagogic Imagery". The theory is that this imagery is a messenger between host and Tulpa that can't communicate with each other. But the catch is if your mind produced something involving your Tulpa then its either your Tulpa or you mind puppeting  your Tulpa. Here are the cons.


One, its very inconsistent, you can't choose what you want your mind to think of. Its like shifting through static on a radio to find the station you want. But the fact is its Alien whether you like it or not. To provoke thoughts of your tulpa, I honestly couldn't tell you. Maybe when I get more input. Perhaps, tracing back moments with your tulpa and exaggerate the scene.


Yes, you'll have weird things going through you head and half the time you'll accidentally snap out of it and its hard to sit and watch your thought again. This is normal, it took me a week to get a few seconds with my Tulpa. Theres the other issue, when you do find your tulpa, its like waking up from a dream, you might forget a lot of stuff to quickly like their voice, the dream will be fuzzy and you might forget a lot of what they said or did. 

I'll flat out say it, this method isn't very practical. However, when you find them and get a taste of their sentient company, how could you have doubts anymore?  I'll explain what you should do and then share my experience then list any and all questions and opinions.


Again do this if you really want to share a moment with your Tulpa when you have nothing concrete. Or if it seemed interesting to you.


Here what I believe, when you're tired and use it as an excuse to say "I'm to tired to force" don't. Use it to your advantage. Most importantly, DON'T LAY DOWN, you're just asking for a nap. Sit on a pillow on the floor. Just sit there and let your mind wonder eventually if you relax and sit still, images will come into your head. Embrace them. 95% of the times its mindless crap, it honestly depends on luck at this point. Sorry if its not descriptive it doesn't require too much. 


Now for my experience. I started embracing them and I got it. It took a week, I'd say 80 minutes of mind crap. Anyway the imagery was me and my tulpa leaning on a fence in a location we were at earlier that day. The whole scene was fuzzy but somehow I knew. I asked her 2 questions, I completely forgot the 1st question but I remember the 2nd question, it was "When do you think we will be together" and she said "Pretty soon I hope".


To people who discourages this, my doubts were destroyed by this. I still have (as of late October) no auditory hallucinations yet. I got more and more discouraged but even if it wasn't her but just solely my  mind, isn't that the key of successfully creating a tulpa belief? Worked for me.



Anyway leave questions and opinions (good and bad) in the comments. Thanks for reading

Progress report

"You'll have a Tulpa because you didn't give up" -Koomer



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Been doing that, but the effectiveness is very random. Once I had my Tulpa show himself, then I had him nod to my questions (and surprise me, which proved his sentience yet again), but besides it - sometimes I'll have a thought image so random/mind-boggling/creepy it's hard/impossible to concentrate afterwards, esp. since I'm a caring person and I wonder if D wasn't hurt/scared/influenced in any way by the imagery, even though the rational side of me knows he's always safe.


It's also funny how my Tulpa was supporting his weight on a fence, similiarly to yours, except mine stood in a... sort-of flamboyant way? I also have to agree, it's hard to remember those talks. I know I asked 4+ questions, but I remember only 2-3 (Are you my Tulpa, are you D, surprise me - first two resulted in nods, third one in a hard to explain surprise... sort-of Slender close-up, except somehow rainbowed, after which the 'connection' went off and I couldn't ask/do more :( )


But yeah, it can help build up confidence because how can I doubt a Tulpa's existence when he answered my question and surprised me?



However, I also do much of other stuff. Narrating, reading to D, telling him stories/about my life, experiences, etc, so I disadvise doing tired-only forcing and nothing more.

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I disadvise doing tired-only forcing and nothing more.


Yes, if I haven't already brought that up.


Its very impractical and should never be used regularly. I recommend only doing it when you're so tired to think in your head that you just want to go to sleep. This method is only to extract a alien thought which I believe is the tulpas. This doesn't substitute or replace anything.

Progress report

"You'll have a Tulpa because you didn't give up" -Koomer



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At a glance, before going into technical stuff, the OP didn’t seem confident on how this may affect tulpas at the time. If there’s a method/concept/philosophy/practice that they aren’t so confident in having similar effects to others, they may have to reassess what their objectives actually are.


The idea behind Hypnagogic Imagery is just a transient stage between wakefulness and sleep, so it’s not really a theory in the sense that it would require extensive research to back it up. You can easily find articles like the few listed below on it:







It also seems that OP had some revelation on how his subconscious, or other aspects of his/her mind contributed to the development of their tulpa. This isn’t really something that’s surprising at all and should go without saying.


And the idea mentioned that one can’t choose what you want your mind to think of isn’t necessarily correct in all scenarios. Anyone can develop how the format can lead to, and allow the mind to utilize whatever processes/occurrences/phenomenon to stretch the subjectivity for the end result (i.e. the tulpa). And with what OP stated instead may instil fear for newcomers who may be concerned for stability in the tulpa creation process.


Its like shifting through static on a radio to find the station you want. But the fact is its Alien whether you like it or not


This sets heavy implications of an absolute dichotomy, and it raises questions on the validity of your statement “whether you like it or not.” The subconscious/unconscious/whatever terminology one wants to use to conceptualize the mind will “feel” alien simply because those aspects aren’t always readily in one’s conscious awareness.


But the catch is if your mind produced something involving your Tulpa then its either your Tulpa or you mind puppeting your Tulpa. Here are the cons.


There’s more negative front-loading here because it’s making it look like the mind will sporadically create a tulpa that isn’t consistent to the same entrenched predispositions/beliefs/etc. of the host that the same mind would derive from. The statement itself is just as inconsistent in dichotomy issues and paranoia as the follow-up OP gave for the apparent “cons.”


Theres the other issue, when you do find your tulpa, its like waking up from a dream, you might forget a lot of stuff to quickly like their voice, the dream will be fuzzy and you might forget a lot of what they said or did.


That may be the case in the initial stages, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be resolved with practice. You stated this at some point in the guide submission, but you seemed to be more worried on thinking the mind will always be sporadic, inconsistent, and unreliable. That same mind that processes so much information than one can possibly conceptualize consciously all at once and can organize, associate, and other factors seems to contradict that worry you had.


I'll flat out say it, this method isn't very practical.


It is practical, and I guess during the time when you were probably concerned on the “how” for existential origins of tulpas contributed to that paranoia. But having some sporadic events are inevitable at some point, but they’re mostly transient as long as the host doesn’t attach themselves to those thoughts of spontaneity



Quick recap:


  • There’s a lot of negative front-loading (e.g. DON’T LAY DOWN, the efficacy of the guide, and fears of thinking the spontaneity of the mind is always chaotic all the time) that should be addressed and possibly taken out


  • If the method you promoted is implied to be a derivation of Hypnagogic Imagery, at some point laying down to take a nap (or just relaxing in general) for instance would help induce the transient stage between wakefulness and sleep. Seeing how you’re more concerned on how dozing off and sleeping would lead to forgetting what happened before, there’s a contradiction that only augments how you seemed to see this guide submission as impractical.


  • A simple spell check on any program can help clear some grammatical and spelling errors


  • If you felt the guide was impractical, especially since you twisted transient stages of the mind (e.g. subjectivity, spontaneity, seemingly chaotic occurrences) as something that may be long-term instead, what was the point of creating this guide submission in the first place?



Even if OP were to edit things out and format it better, the concept would just be “your mind can fill in the rest of the blanks” during the tulpa creation process along with how naps and dozing off won’t affect your tulpa in any way.


I disapprove of this guide submission unless OP can expound on more methods rather than just giving an underlying concept that ends up using negative front-loading. And even then, it may end up just being a tips & tricks. But again, the concepts would be prevalent in other Tips submissions as well, which just adds on to how more methods on the OP’s end is heavily suggested for some distinction.




And with the title implying about a last resort/trump card, it seems it would only cause more of a downfall rather than an actual save if someone was close to having heavy doubts in the first place. Not really a go-to contingency plan at all honestly.

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Well, issues about the actual method aside, I'll just disapprove for the awful English for now. I'd probably approve if that were fixed.

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There's so many typos in this that it took me ages to actually want to read this. I suggest running this through spellcheck and reading it again so you can avoid silly mistakes like "its" instead of "it's". Also a weird enter between "more" and "In tune". And weird capitalization at parts.


The title seems quite misleading and far from a last resort. Even the author doesn't seem that certain in it, so how could the people who are having a lot of trouble think this will be the thing that will help them?


Afraid the whole typo/grammar thing is already too much for this to get approved, but I feel like this thread's thing is about hypnagogic stuff and we have approved few threads that do talk about it. Is there something Aarix has written that the others lack and thus Aarix should rewrite his guide, as it would be useful? I know he's around here sometimes, so he probably would rewrite it if he had a reason to. I'm just not sure if he has a reason right now. Disapproved, though.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Blank Vote, Tips and Tricks.


Typos/formatting aside, as someone that has had extensive experience with trying to force in hypnagogic states, I don't think it's terribly reliable or an ideal way of communicating with one's tulpa - it's far better to develop communication skills while awake.


I fear in the worst case it may lead to state-dependency, and may muddle people's expectations about how to perceive one's tulpas. This is not to say these types of mental states are useless - things like getting to better hear one's tulpa's voice clearly, can sometimes serve as an inspiration.


I do recall one notable person (around the spring/summer of 2012) who almost exclusively forced through hypnagogic states, although his method was more elaborate and involved excessively long sessions and use for various mixes of stimulants to maintain the required mental state for long periods of time.

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This doesn't really read like an actual guide towards anything, but the information contained therein is interesting. It seems more fit for the research board or for something along the lines of resources. I'll disapprove for now.

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