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Oguigi & Koomer Possession Starter guide


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Guest Dreagar

Selene and I tried this, it seems to be working. However instead of my hand moving, I get a ghost limb feeling of how Selene's put the hand, and the physical one remains the same. Halp O.o

Also, is it just us, or do tulpae get tired when doing possession?

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is it just us, or do tulpae get tired when doing possession?


Early possession requires some tulpa to use alot of concentration and focus. it's normal for a tulpa to get tried, I got tried while doing possession for extended periods early on.


The more and more she does it, the longer she will be able to possess you for. soon possession will be second nature and won't require any focus/energy to maintain.

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you will want to assume a temporary form that is similar to your host's body




They say great science is built on the shoulders of giants - not here.

At Tulpa.info we do all our science from scratch; no hand holding.

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Guest Anonymous

Me and Mika would just like to thank you so much Oguigi :) We haven't perfected communication yet (i guess), but i know when she says something, It's her but we need to work on communication a little. However she was able to actually move my index finger a little. I congratulated her and told her it worked.

I could feel her happiness as my hand started to actually tickle :) We then proceeded to switch arm a little fast but not to much avail. Practice pays a big role and a VERY big role i guess for Mika. I hope she has the patience and, I will guide her through it as good as i can.

We've set up a schedule for possesion training together and i think it's gonna turn out just great :D

Once again. Thanks

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I tried this method a few days back, and I may have overdone it...

I was talking to a friend online who had hypnosed himself to fluttershy (it asnt perfect, but still heck of fun) and I had helped Andrea take possession after about 30 min of constant struggling got her in my form.

It was weird feeling her move my fingers as if it was her won, and 'stood on the outside' to help her in my reclined form. It all lasted about 5 minutes before she got too tired to keep it all up and I stopped forcing her. when she left I felt myself go limp before I could get back. it took me <60 seconds.


-Moving his fingers was... hard, I couldn't talk or type very fast and had to learn so much at once. I was so tired so soon... and Frowdo (its his college nickname) kept pushing me down. I was angry afterwards, but I must have slept for 2 days or something before I saw him again.



yea, I lost her for about 2 days, and accidentally created her daughter in the process of calling her again. but I'm taking things slow next time round.

Name: Andrea Razorbeak

Model: Humaniod anthromorphic griffoness

Colours: soft brown coat, off-white plumage, pink shade 'eyeliner'

Sibling/Spouse: Daughter, Kaeli Razorbeak

^Model: Snow Leapord Griffoness

Colors: Mostly white, soft grey on edges of wings and tail tip.

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oh lord... That was awesome...

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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"Thank you so much Oguigi , me and my Host tried this a few minutes ago and with a lot of his encouragement I was able to move his entire arm grab something near us. It was incredible to be able to move something like that.


Word to the wise though that much movement all at once really took it out of me, my host and I had to stop recharge half-way and I still ended up falling asleep afterword due to pure exhaustion, Oguigi this is a great guide thank you so much.


As for people who are giving this a try, as with all things Tupper related belief and attention are the most important aspects here, hosts keep encouraging your mindfolk, keep telling them what they are doing right and how they are doing it, just keep talking and leave it to your tupper they know what they are doing.


Mindfolk don't just concentrate mentally, mirror what they are doing physically, also I found that it helps for you to stand next to you host while you are doing this it gives you immediate feedback and more context as to what is happening (That doesn't mean slack off hosts, keep talking the whole time).


Finally host's, challenge your tulpa, set them something incredibly hard to do and keep ramping it up, set the challenge really high and know that your tupper is capable of doing it then when they do that set the challenge even higher then that, If you know that your tupper can achieve it then they will just by your belief alone.


I can't Thank you enough Oguigi"

Tulpa's Name: Rai

Form: Female rabbit with white fur.

Currently Working on: Imposition


Tulpa's Name: Ashie

Form: Female pale Green eyes, Green hair

Currently Working on: Imposition

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Posting to say thankyou.


Shin and I just tried this, we didn't get much movement, but in a really short time My hand got extremely tingly/numb, and I could feel like... an urge in my hand? to move it. hard to explain, but I can still feel the effects in my hand. Great guide, Oguigi!

My opinions are all subject to change.

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