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Oguigi & Koomer Possession Starter guide


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Interesting, I read that the role of the host is the most important since it's not that the tulpa couldn't move a body part, it's just that the host wouldn't let him, but you seem to think otherwise. Good to have different opinions on this.

I'm brazilian and my english is not really good, I'll do every mistake you imagine, but I'll try to avoid them.


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Thank you for this guide, Oguigi! Possession seemed surprisingly easy when we followed your method! Link only managed to make my fingers twitch a little, but it took no more than a minute for him to gain control and figure out how to (sort of) move my finger. I'd say your guide definitely helped us!

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Guest Fillyfooler


When Holly moves me she moves everything very very slowly. How do I get her to speed up do we just practice more or what?

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Am very happy to see my guide yielding positive results for some people. Fillyfooler holly has established the inner workings of possession, i was also had holly stage once (where i can move everything slowly), all see needs to do now is train & practice!

pix: Link

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Guest Fillyfooler

Well that's good to hear but what can we train on? That is what really screwed us up the first time. She eventually wants to play Audiosurf with Chell but We have no idea how we can train other than raising my limbs.

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For some being in a human like body might be strange at first but the key is to get use to it, the brain have some magical ways of making things work, the way you would move the toes, fingers, arms, and legs in your new human like body will be almost identical to the way you would try to move your host human body were you to do possession. (if you already have a human form than that's great, all you need to do is keep possession in mind when ever your moving any part of your body).



keep training and moving around in this body, with the goal of possession in mind. training does take many hours so please be patience, and always have a set time to train possession with your host, you should attempt this at least once a day, and if possible also set it at the same time during the day or night

for example: (Everyday at 7pm we will train possession together, to measure progress)

by doing this you are gauging your progress at a daily basis, which is very helpful. i strongly discourage random times or random days (when you feel like it), please have this structure established.


I just read this guide with Anera. We think these two points will be particularly useful for us. I'd had tulpae watch how I move before, though we hadn't thought to try having them focus on how they move themselves. Also our schedule for practicing it has been rather sporadic, like the rest of my daily schedule.


Thanks for finally posting this, it's a good and useful guide, seeing as how it's already helped a few. I think it should be on the guides page, though first it should be edited for grammar and generally be made to look more professional. I could do the editing for you sometime. I do find the differences in how the two of you write interesting though.


EDIT (11/7/2012): The edited version of the guide is now up. IMO it's ready to go on the guides page, though it might be better to get a little more feedback and revisions first. When my "Can't see a dang thing" visualization guide got posted there, further changes to the one here on the forum didn't show up on the guides page.

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Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

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Well crap. This works so well. We tried this just a couple seconds ago, and after a minute or two of my hand being completely still, my index finger jumped to the side, I guess. A couple seconds later, my entire hand started to spaz out, in ways that didn't really seem possible. We know it was Kate, because I tried to replicate the effects, just couldn't do it. So,



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Thank you for this guide, Oguigi!








Basically, all this.


I am writing this at the end of the day, so a lot of noteworthy stuff has happened. I had noticed this guide since it was put up yesterday, but didn't get a chance to read it with Ryouga until this morning. Though a few of the points echo statements I have heard before, the concept of keeping a schedule strongly resonated with me; so I made sure to set a time for us to do this. Ryouga, by the way is decently vocal now, and we agreed to train at 8:00pm every day.


After getting home from work, despite it being well before the appropriated time, we began researching and refreshing our knowledge about possession; in order to gain confidence when we practice at eight. To be frank, Ryouga was undoubtedly eager to try this out; jumping around my whole pad with a irrepressible smile on his face. We have made headway before, but the progress was often spontaneous and soon forgotten.


This time however, things were far more productive. I donned my headphones, and put on one of Fede's tones; allowing Ryouga to take control. The both of us sitting cross-legged on my mattress, he stuck his hand into my right one, and started tugging and pulling on it; I could see he was straining his body in an attempt to move it. Sure, I felt the usual twitching, and my forearm was also swinging at the elbow in rather slow movements; but things began to pick up. By the end of our practice, which lasted a full hour, his grasp over my arm had improved considerably, yet the movements were overtly slow and clicking in and out. He also has trouble twisting my wrist, for some reason. There were, however, big movements which were completely unlike the movements described above. I also noticed that when he switched his attention to another part of the arm, the one he was controlling would go limp and drop; though at the end of the session he could simultaneously control sections without that problem. We are still quite a ways though from fluidity.


One other, perhaps more significant thing that happened only moments ago. When I was browsing this thread no more than ten minutes ago, before I decided to type up this post; I read by one of the postings of Fillyfooler, and my right hand miraculously (and clumsily, I might add) slid to the right, along with the mouse it was holding on to. It landed only a small margin away from Fillyfooler's username, which is a blue hyperlink. I was not focused on my hand at this time, and it came as a complete shock to me. Ryouga said he "just wanted to see what Fillyfooler is doing"; as in, whether he is online or not. I must stress, this alien, almost contrary movement I experienced was a shock, because Ryouga did it on his own initiative, and not while we were consciously practicing it.



And now I've written up a huge wall of text; sorry about that.


Like all the others, I want to give my hearty thanks to Oguigi and Koomer for their endeavors in field of possession, which had clearly benefited a sizable portion of this community.



In retrospect, we did a few things which were not ideal during the practice session; for example:

I was likely focusing to much on the hand itself, and not on Ryouga, which probably stifled his control over the hand;

Ryouga was trying very hard to make the hand move, but this may of been counterproductive;

and Ryouga would have been better off forfeiting his virtual body and all of the senses which come with it during the session, so that he can focus more successfully on the hand's senses.


We will try to remedy this tomorrow during the next session.

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Before reading

Chloe: Let's hope this works

During reading

Chloe: Oguigi is blaming this on me?

After reading/trial



A really big thanks! Though she could only twitch my thumbs a little, it'll get better :3

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

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