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Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs






Here's a Mediafire link (Thanks JD1215 for the suggestion!) If you guys only see 8 pages on the mediafire link, just scroll down and it'll load more (38 pages in all). It's best you download it so you can navigate through the table of contents better.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dshZzeGEV4NvGV7pOu4BfeAtX0iSKcIe/view?usp=sharing -Ranger [Working 5/15/21]

PDF: Linkzeldas_Ultimate_Self-Hypnosis_Scripts_for_Your_Tulpaforcing_Needs.pdf-Ranger

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZaCrRT1Y-2WU_kKghOFiKa2R8TCFJhyY/view?usp=sharing [Unstable 12/29/2020]


http://www.mediafire.com/view/?m0f2e24plocw22y  [broken]


Mirrored link: here -Indigo [broken]


Switching hypnosis script (Added 7/3/2016):





Okay, sorry for those who saw that long clutter of content just now. Anyway, The PDF file can be found in the link above, and I'll be making an attachment as well for a back up.







1. Copy & Paste the Reader's Induction Script

2. Copy & Paste the Deepening Script

3. Pick ONE Tulpa-Related Script (the Possession one is actually the exception to this since it'll prompt you to pick the several I mention in parentheses in the guide) and Copy & Paste

4. Copy & Paste the Wake-Up/Awakening Script

5. Read the scripts as mentioned in chronological order. (In a slow, calm and relaxed tone of voice....take your time and try to say the words aloud). More info in the actual guide itself


BAM. Easy as That. NO MEMORIZATION is required, you just save the formats you want, and you'll do just fine if you repeat them daily at least once or twice a day. Focus on ONE GOAL per session.


Meaning, you do one session related to possession for example, and you do the other during the afternoon or evening on visualizing your wonderland. Or you can do just one goal twice per day, three times, etc. Just focus on one at a time because it'll be more effective. More information is in the PDF link above.


Also, it's preferred you read it aloud (not screaming of course, just speaking the words to yourself) because we tend to skip a lot of things if we try to read things mentally. It also helps with reading aloud because of how we bypass the CRITICAL FACTOR:


Critical Factor:


"The comparative part of the mind that allows our conscious mind to logically compare incoming information with already accepted belief and knowledge."


When you're motivated, and you do things with emotions that relate to looking forward to success, this is how you'll bypass the critical factor and be able to get what you want out of your tulpa-related endeavors. Again, more info can be found in the PDF link as well.







If you're trying out possession with the script (please use common sense and have a vocal and sentient tulpa for this), just follow the guidelines in the parentheses that tells you which script to read in order to get the most out of your experience.


Any questions?  Feel free to ask when you've read through the guide. It's 38 Pages Long, but basically it has almost everything you would need for tulpa-related activities through self-hypnosis.


And my other guide can be found here:





Here are some random links that can be helpful in getting a general overview on self-hypnosis, conscious, subconscious, etc:





Edited by Ranger
Added pdf download link and working Google Doc link; (5/15) Verified the Google Doc link still works
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Since the guide doesn't have anything useful for imposition (and I mean more than just presence, I mean imposition onto all senses), I wrote my first custom self-hypnosis script tonight using Linkzelda's method:




It's very much tailored towards my personal mode of thinking (so it will likely not work for everyone, or even be detrimental for some), and also my personal situation (like "tulpas" in plural, and it mentions a certain place in my wonderland; you can edit that if you want to use this script for yourself).


Anyway, I've only done one reading now, and quite expectedly there was no immediate tangible result. I certainly noticed that this was the most emotional self-hypnosis I've ever had with this method (my voice was trembling at multiple points), but then again the script is quite emotional.


My tulpas said afterwards that the script is awesome and helped tons, and insisted that repeating this has top priority from now on. So I guess I must have done something right. Comments are welcome.



That's a very good job! I like that! I apologize for not making a good imposition for all senses. I'm glad you decided to use the template and posted your own custom script! I encourage everyone to pitch in if they can to show their own scripts as well.


Thanks so much for posting that, I'm glad you were able to easily get the concept of how to make a template, and I wish you AND your tulpae the best in creating more, the possibilities are endless!


I think your script is pretty good, and in fact, I believe that after you use the wake-up script after saying your personalized script (or if you made one of your own), you could continue to do your own traditional method for imposition. And if your tulpae like it, that's good too, embrace their enthusiasm, and they can help you have the higher degree of inward attention that hypnosis allows you to have. Just remember that's what hypnosis leads to (and towards a heightened state of suggestibility)


Keep it up! And again, thank you for posting your custom script! And don't be shy to post more in the future too!







Here's the vocality script I made in the guide for members who are interested in training their tulpae to not run out of conversations, or at least random words to say. There's a word on page 4 (the bottom part that says "random words and phases," but I meant to type "phrases." I didn't change it because I presumed people would get the point, and our subconscious would be able to correct that mistake):



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I think your script is pretty good, and in fact, I believe that after you use the wake-up script after saying your personalized script (or if you made one of your own), you could continue to do your own traditional method for imposition.


Yes, it's specifically intended as an aid. It does not do the actual imposition process.


And if your tulpae like it, that's good too, embrace their enthusiasm, and they can help you have the higher degree of inward attention that hypnosis allows you to have. Just remember that's what hypnosis leads to (and towards a heightened state of suggestibility)


Inward attention is a good point, will keep an eye on that.

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After researching a bit more with hypnosis, I figured that if I had the emphasis on the scripts being a "WE" effort rather than the host thinking it's an "I" effort, I'm positive that with practice, you and your tulpae will be able to conceptualize and learn things a lot better by acknowledging teamwork, the feelings of romance and deeper levels of unconditional love for each other.


Here's the view link:




(You might have to scroll down a bit if you can't see the rest of the pages, and don't worry, it's not long, when you and your tulpa talk it out, it flows naturally)


And here's the download link:





Oh and remember those relaxing scripts and deepening scripts I mentioned in the first page with the huge guide link? Don't worry about those anymore. You'll have everything condensed within the script I provided in the link within this post. It's all that you need if you want to see things as teamwork in order to hear your tulpa more naturally.


Also, when you attempt the script PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE A CAR while reading this (I know that's obvious, but just a kind warning).


I'll be posting more scripts in the future, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!

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Ah, that script was for a user that requested it. I was having an intention for it just being for him, and that I would include his name for his own purpose, but then decided to make it universal for everything. I just forgot to edit the intro before the script starts, I apologize for that.


Anyway, here's the edited version (didn't change anything within the script, just the part before the script starts in case people aren't able to convert pdf to a word document back and forth:








I'm just glad the name "Paul" wasn't in the script. I almost panicked for a moment LOL. Thanks Nesq300 :)

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The following example tonality recording is for the post above me for the teamwork script. And turn up the volume a bit with your earphones/headphones/etc. in case you can't hear me.


Added an example recording of the type of tonality and "hypnotist voice" you can develop with practice. It may not be the best of the best, but it's how I do it (and I'm always finding ways to modify it). So just for those who want to scale where they are when they actually speak things out (whether mentally while mouthing the words or actually speaking it out orally), you'll know how easy it is when you begin to notice parts of the script have some level of difference in tonality.


Here's the download link (it's about 12 minutes long, not long at all!)




And here's the link to listen without downloading:





I apologize if I stuttered a bit, but it didn't happen too much I think, but either way, just know you don't have to be phenomenally perfect at this, and remember, since this script is based on relaxation and such, my voice will be a bit deeper (and you'll see it being a bit more normal intentionally).


I will post more recordings of future scripts, wish you all the best, and feel free to ask questions on anything with tonality or any scripts you made yourself!

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GAT-related commentary:




If hypnosis scripts are not allowed in the guides forum, it should be moved where appropriate - for example, there was a collaborative hypnosis thing before Linkzelda's time, with both scripts and even some recordings done, although it was done more "in person" (IRC, skype, etc) rather than by self-hypnosis.


If they are allowed, I would say the document is a good crash-course introduction to self-hypnosis, even if it has some frontloading (or setting the reader's expectations), but that's kind of normal as far as hypnosis goes.


As for the scripts usefulness and effectiveness, I have no idea as I haven't used them (as far as self-suggestion and self-hypnosis goes, I'm doing my own personal thing tailored to my own needs) - on a cursory glance they look fine, but it's hard to know without trying them out yourself.


If enough users reported success on *all the scripts included*, I would mark this for approval, or at a minimum an assurance from the creator of the guide that all the scripts are fully tested and fully effective on him. In practice, most scripts are made with a purpose, thus they're untested at first, and while it may be harsh - as guide rules go - untested guides can't be approved without assurances that the author of the guide (at a minimum) succeeded in using them - even if I think that they may work for some people.


So, disapproved if guide author or his users didn't test the guide fully, and approved if at least one of them tested all the scripts and achieved success with that.


My personal opinion is that the introduction to self-hypnosis is a fine guide in itself (even if tangentially related to tulpas), but the scripts may not be a tested thus their approval may have to be delayed until they are and they prove their effectiveness.


While not as important, on a technical note, it might be best to learn to format your documents better - if it's the sort of thing that's mostly plain text with an image or two, releasing as text+image or html+image would be simpler, otherwise if you're going for a PDF, it wouldn't hurt to learn to use the features of your text processor (for example text justification) or learn something more professional like (La)TeX for formatting your documents - otherwise you're just using an unnecessarily advanced format without taking advantage of its features - thus if you don't need those features or can't make use of them - you might be better off using simpler, more accessible formats.

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Thank you very much for the responses, I plan to make one guide that gives a general overview and how to make the scripts. As for testimonies on whether or not the scripts actually work, it's mostly for focusing/concentration, etc.

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Seeing how there's a Resource section that was discussed here, this obviously would be better for resources.


Since a GAT member stated that OP had to have some success with all scripts, the only thing I can respond to that is that the same principle applies for any hypnosis scripts made. Depending on the activity, some may take longer to have any effect, and several factors such as (but not limited to):


  • Tonality
  • Previous competency in things such as visualization, active imagination, etc.
  • Belief
  • Basic logic with practice makes perfect


Of course, with hypnosis, it's merely a supplement to be used in tandem with practice of other tulpa-related activities. If there were implications that the scripts can absolve an individual from basic practice and long-term development, that is not the case.


People can do fine without it, but I figured the comments with previous users that it would be clear. Of course, I can try to contact those individuals in providing testimonials. And as for me personally, the scripts I made for myself works simply because I was suggestive to them to aid in better inward concentration.


In fact, one of the vocality scripts I read helped make the breakthrough with Eva talking for a good half hour or so when I was still developing her vocal nature. And as for future hypnosis scripts I may make, the fundamentals will always be the same.


Even though this is just a resource/supplement at best, I'll wait for other GATs to give their votes and opinions of course.

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There is a lot here, and actually given that you have something like eight pages of guide material this could probably go in Guides, maybe given a title change. But in the meantime I'll approve it for Resources.


I do agree with NotAnonymous, though, in that the typography could be better. There are a few weird spots of grammar, but not really significant. Lastly, you link to the old List of Guides, rather than the new one.

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