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Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs






Here's a Mediafire link (Thanks JD1215 for the suggestion!) If you guys only see 8 pages on the mediafire link, just scroll down and it'll load more (38 pages in all). It's best you download it so you can navigate through the table of contents better.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dshZzeGEV4NvGV7pOu4BfeAtX0iSKcIe/view?usp=sharing -Ranger [Working 5/15/21]

PDF: Linkzeldas_Ultimate_Self-Hypnosis_Scripts_for_Your_Tulpaforcing_Needs.pdf-Ranger

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZaCrRT1Y-2WU_kKghOFiKa2R8TCFJhyY/view?usp=sharing [Unstable 12/29/2020]


http://www.mediafire.com/view/?m0f2e24plocw22y  [broken]


Mirrored link: here -Indigo [broken]


Switching hypnosis script (Added 7/3/2016):





Okay, sorry for those who saw that long clutter of content just now. Anyway, The PDF file can be found in the link above, and I'll be making an attachment as well for a back up.







1. Copy & Paste the Reader's Induction Script

2. Copy & Paste the Deepening Script

3. Pick ONE Tulpa-Related Script (the Possession one is actually the exception to this since it'll prompt you to pick the several I mention in parentheses in the guide) and Copy & Paste

4. Copy & Paste the Wake-Up/Awakening Script

5. Read the scripts as mentioned in chronological order. (In a slow, calm and relaxed tone of voice....take your time and try to say the words aloud). More info in the actual guide itself


BAM. Easy as That. NO MEMORIZATION is required, you just save the formats you want, and you'll do just fine if you repeat them daily at least once or twice a day. Focus on ONE GOAL per session.


Meaning, you do one session related to possession for example, and you do the other during the afternoon or evening on visualizing your wonderland. Or you can do just one goal twice per day, three times, etc. Just focus on one at a time because it'll be more effective. More information is in the PDF link above.


Also, it's preferred you read it aloud (not screaming of course, just speaking the words to yourself) because we tend to skip a lot of things if we try to read things mentally. It also helps with reading aloud because of how we bypass the CRITICAL FACTOR:


Critical Factor:


"The comparative part of the mind that allows our conscious mind to logically compare incoming information with already accepted belief and knowledge."


When you're motivated, and you do things with emotions that relate to looking forward to success, this is how you'll bypass the critical factor and be able to get what you want out of your tulpa-related endeavors. Again, more info can be found in the PDF link as well.







If you're trying out possession with the script (please use common sense and have a vocal and sentient tulpa for this), just follow the guidelines in the parentheses that tells you which script to read in order to get the most out of your experience.


Any questions?  Feel free to ask when you've read through the guide. It's 38 Pages Long, but basically it has almost everything you would need for tulpa-related activities through self-hypnosis.


And my other guide can be found here:





Here are some random links that can be helpful in getting a general overview on self-hypnosis, conscious, subconscious, etc:





Edited by Ranger
Added pdf download link and working Google Doc link; (5/15) Verified the Google Doc link still works
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I've used the Tulpa creation script about three times. I see Vixy each time and can just barely sense her presence when I think about her outside of the trance.


Though I suspect that the hypnosis would work better if I could do breathing exercises at the same time. Has anyone tried recording MP3s of these scripts?

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I do, but I listen to my crappy voice for personal use once in a blue moon. I mostly just read and use the same tone of voice, and I always end up yawning and getting relaxed easily, even if I was full of energy.


The thing with active voice vs. passive listening is that you might doze off, and forget what you're listening to. Maybe after repeated times, it could work, but I personally like using an active voice seeing how it may imply to your mind that you're really wanting things to happen if you take great efforts to show that. Also, it's normal to have augmented visualization during the trance, and back to the I-can't-see-for-the-life-of-me after. You just have to let it settle it with practice, and maybe believing what you did during the session will shift into anything else beyond that.

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I've listened to MP3 hypnosis scripts before. After a few times, I started blacking out during them. I've heard that means they're working. But I've also heard that means you're just falling asleep. Linkzelda might very well be right.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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This one looks brilliant to be honest. Always believed in those hypnosis like suggestions to the mind. I will try it when I get back home and edit the post.



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Since this thread is tl;dr, I'd like to ask if the PDF in the OP is complete, or if the links in later post represent new content not merged into the original.

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The vocality script is found in the PDF. Haven't found the "we" script yet after looking around, as the words don't really pop out. Can't find the MP3 either, but that's just an audio version of the "we" script.

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The Mediafire link to the PDF in the first post is dead. The text seems to be mirrored here, for example, but I can't find the PDF itself anywhere.

(P.S. I also found this guide (same author) useful, it's intended for lucid dreaming but goes into more detail on general stuff.)

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Our progress report thread. // Prior to May 2019 we used colored text here (Sunny, Pinkie, Jay), but it messes with themes.


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Edited the post with the mirrored link. If any more can be found, I'll add them too.

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