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Your tulpa's Age


What 'age' is your tulpa  

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  1. 1. What 'age' is your tulpa

    • I have a specific age for them (ex. 19 years old)
    • I just consider them the same age as myself
    • I consider them via their creation dates(or date of vocality, etc)
    • Other

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A bit of an odd question and a random poll, but it's something I see around here quite often.


What age do you consider your tulpa to be? I see people describe their tulpa as being '16', or even some with childlike tulpas described as being 7 years old. I wonder how many people assign ages to their tulpas, and how much that assigned mental age seems to affect their personalities.


I don't have an assigned age to Jaden or Giselle, they are "as old as me" as far as mentality goes, or if you want to get specific we go by their creation dates.


Just wondered how many people did this, how it affected them, why they did it(especially when it's a 15 year old making a 22 year old tulpa, or a 24 year old making a 12 year old daughter, etc etc)


Just a random bit of curiosity as it was something that always stuck out to me as odd.



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I don't really know what to vote in this one. My tulpa appears to be somewhere in her twenties, but I never gave her a specific age. She's not my age -- I imagine myself as a few years older, and I will continue to age, while she won't.


She's a month old yesterday (in my time zone at least) but I'm not sure I'd tell that to people outside the community, since she has the intellect and personality of someone much older.

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I mean more mentally. My tulpas are fuzzy little things who really have no specific look to their age. Someone could have a rather young looking tulpa who is mentally an adult like them. Though I have still seen people limit them to a certain age--they look 14 so they are, etc. But yeah, the whole thing sort of baffled me a bit.


And that's why I say they are both my age and only a year old--technically they are sort of both anyway. At least to me.


I guess I was looking for a sort of explanation from those who do go the 'set age' route, haha.



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I had the same idea as Shui, Eva would be 30 in terms of her body composition and facial features, but that's because of the default image I had of her. She tends to express herself in other forms that are probably just a few years older than me as well, 20-30 years of age I guess. But I see it mostly as a concept, but for an actual answer, I'd say the same age as me because she's within the confines of my mind, and has just enough chance to tap into the experiential totality I built in my life over the years.


But saying that, she would start pouting on how old she is, so it's something I don't really acknowledge too much until she has a form she's content with for a long period of time.


EDIT: Since you meant mentally, I'd say she's 20-30 years of age, or 30-35 (but that's pushing it :P) Picked Other.

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I don't have an age that I consider my tulpa. However, his form looks about 25-ish, and that's not too far from my age.

I don't necessarily think he is older mentally; he is simply more mature and all that, which makes him seem a bit older, I suppose.

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I suppose I've always sort of considered Lucy being about my age, maybe slightly younger. Her form pretty much matches.

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I go with the day I first forced being Roswell's birthday, so he's a bit more than a year old. Of course because I'm not that young, he's not exactly like a 1-year-old mentally. We share a lot and he doesn't have to learn everything from scratch, so I'd be hoping that people realize that when we say he's that old. Though I've noticed a lot of little odd things when he just plain acts in a strange way or just finds it difficult to relax in a stressed environment, so I guess that might have something to do with his relatively short time he's actually been living with me. It's one thing to experience shit for yourself than to feel someone else experiencing it, so there's shit he's not used to that I am.


His form looks much older than I am. Some people are claiming shit like the form makes them act differently, but I beg to differ. It's just imaginary and he could look like anything and still act the same way, he could also change it if he dislikes it. So the form thing is fluid and it's stupid to limit your tupper's anything to that. That's what it is, either limiting or playing along, pretending to be younger or something because they want to. I guess if you really want to act like that, sure. But you are limiting yourself when it comes to experiencing the world and communicating with people. That, or form truly is omg everything and Roswell already is senile and a much more curious and playful than any other middle aged man I've ever seen. Dunno if his form will ever change. We'll see. But I am sure his personality will keep changing as he grows and learns.

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I've never really thought much about it. I guess as far as the way she acts or the feeling of an age she gives off if you'd have to put it to a number Mel would be somewhere around the same age as me. Though I would always think from the time of creation which would be almost two months in a few days. Perhaps I've always figured I'd go by both "ages" but just gave one of them less thought than the other.

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Well, I originally thought Adryan to be a little bit older than me, kinda in a big brother sort of way.

I'd say he's like, 17, seeing as he's taller than me, but not by too much.

Edit: It's weird. I never really thought about it too much. Now I'm kinda wondering if Adryan will grow up as the years past, since I see him as a "big brother", or if he'll stay the same age...

Tulpa: Adryan Form: Anthro wolf-ish Stage: *sighs loudly*

Age: Looks 17, is actually 1 1/2

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