Your tulpa's first words?

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Vigil's first word was "Tame."

The most terrifying thing about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent. In the vast darkness we must supply our own light.

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My first word to Kevin was "ca-ke!" (I was really young at the time).


(And, I got [carrot] cake too. Kevin is kind that way.)


What does that have to do with kindness?


He went and bought some cake for me when I asked. I'm puzzled, why wouldn't that be considered kind?

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>Novel Writing<

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" -Dymir (Curiosity and Philosophical one)


>Manifestation Session<

"Ey, put me down before you- WHOAH!" -Arden (Skepticism and Planning)



>Whilst watching WBC Documentary<

"I swear if they say fag one more time I'll punch them by any means necessary." -Baldwyn (Irritation towards stupidly obvious arguments)


>Panic Attack<

"Pathetic." -Umbra (Self-Depreciation and confidence to stay things without emotional reprocussions)


>On holiday break<

"Remember Daphell? Hi, I'm back and I chose Mikael as a proper name. It's good to see you again." -Mikáel (the one who comes in times of being overstimulated)


>writing a new scene<

"Why on Ganim would you allow him to escape! Grrrr, I hate him!!!" -Absolom (anger toward those who abuse their power, irritation at disruption of routine or plans)


>getting Social Justicy<

"What do guys know about feminism anyway? It isn't like it affects them." -Leileth (Yearning for freedom and incredibly sexist to men)


>Laying in bed, letting the rest of the group mill around within the Mindscape<

"Hello, dearie." -Tarrant (occult interest and sexual deviancy)

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It was a very late night, I just got home from hanging out with some friends of mine. After getting ready for bed, I lay down and think "hey! Why don't I chill with Salvia for a bit". I get to my wonderland as was welcomed to her just breaking physicsm you know, floating mid air and stuff.

"Hey Salvia, want to explore for a bit?"

"Get the f*** away from me!"


I stayed up the rest of the night debating with myself if it was really her, or maybe my exhaustion was taking its toll on me. Even after reassuring myself that I was probably tired, I was still semi-depressed, but I got over it in time.

Weird, but true story XD

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Aura's first words to me were a sigh, followed by "What the hell are you doing?" She then proceeded to lecture me for about ten minutes on why I needed to man up and stop using depression as an excuse to be lazy. Given to me while I honestly thought I was going crazy, since I had no idea she even existed before that.


Jason's first words were "Um... hi?" He was confused because neither Aura nor I had any clue where he came from.


Now that I think about it, both of my tulpas seemed to spontaneously appear. Aura I can partially explain as me trying to find someone to help me get though those months, but now Jason appeared too?

Current System: Ziya (Formerly Einulf), Mizan, Aura, Dark, Lucia, Rand, Jason, Akira

Here's our Tumblr, if anyone wants it

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Bud's first words were a full audio hallucination, I was half asleep, half forcing and slipping off into dream world. Suddenly I heard the voice of a male toddler. Actually HEARD it. "Tell me a story". I haven't heard him with my ears since then. But I told him an old Roman mythology fable.

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Sarah's first words (the first words I heard clearly, anyway) were "of course you are" in response to me typing "I think I'm getting some thoughts from her"

Host: Sakura

Tulpa: Sarah (began June 5th, 2014), Alyx (Began July 23rd, 2014)

Our shared tumblr

note: usually browsing on mobile, so cannot quote properly

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