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Matthew Ravensen

Did I do right?

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Hello everyone, i'm present myself Matthew.

I'm new to tulpamancing , and after a LOOONG waiting time , i decided to make a tulpa and assume her.

I was writen a personality list with 40 traits (mixed positive and negative and including is form and i already visualize her with) and with differents methods i teach her how i want she looks like.

But i can't feel if she sentience or not, i created a "wonderland" with not many details for now, my visualization is not quite good to, i don't know if she reacts cause i'm "puppeting" her or she's her own will.

And i have an other question, by the past i'm pretty sure i have do hard mistakes and that slow her sentience, how can i repentence?

oh and please, no nazi gramar i'm french (that mean i'm enought curse :D ).

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TL;DR at the bottom


Hello Matthew Ravensen,


First of all, at least in my opinion, there’s not really a right or wrong way to go about doing this. There may be cases where mistakes could be made, but that depends on how the person perceives it. If you’re wanting to find ways to augment your receptiveness to your tulpa’s sentience, I recommend reading some Guides, and Tips & Tricks on the matter. You can find them in the link below with a label of [sentience] before the main title:


Finding personal indicators, or means of knowing they’re sentient varies from person to person, and it’s even more difficult to explain what would really be pragmatic, or the right thing to do. How I see it when it comes to developing sentience is just having to deal with experimenting, just like how you’re doing with the personality list. It’s a good and temporary way to get yourself into imagining how your tulpa can be, and what they could derive from to give them some sustenance in their existence more than their sentience.


Sometimes I feel that if a person wants to be aware of a sentient being, it’s like wanting to be aware of someone that’s aware, and there’s all sorts of ways to go about doing that. As for the doubting with puppeting, you could check out this guide submission to alleviate concerns you may have:


It’s mostly focused on parroting, but the logic can be followed for puppeting doubts as well. To be blunt with you, you may have to continue getting yourself into the mannerisms and behaviors to be consistent with the belief with treating her as a sentient being. So if you’re wondering if you’re doing something “right” in this circumstance, I’d say you’re doing just fine. Something to keep in mind that may alleviate your doubts of puppeting is that using personality traits are merely transient/temporary, and it’s not too late for her to change herself, i.e., deviation.


If you feel you’re stagnating their “sentience,” or existence in a broader sense, depending on how much you cling onto that belief, and live with the belief in your head, you may be right. A lot of the practice will feel as if you’re coordinating everything, but it’s really depends on how far you want to push into semantics on puppeting and parroting. Some people feel there’s a thing such as subconscious/unconscious parroting/puppeting, and some people feel there isn’t, and that it’s something that could only be done through conscious willpower. I personally feel it’s unlikely (keyword being unlikely rather than “there isn’t) that there’s a thing as subconscious puppeting/parroting because that would imply that there can be an infinite regress.


In other words, it would just be semantics over again with the difference with subconscious/unconscious thoughts vs. conscious thoughts, and whether or not there are intermediates as well. With any set of activities you’re using for development, you could conceptualize it as a self-fulfilling prophecy, i.e., by behaving and acting out a certain way to be consistent with certain beliefs (e.g. treating your tulpa as sentient), you may find yourself having those beliefs fulfilled in some way.


Whether you feel your mind contributes to most of that end goal, or your conscious willpower contributes to most of it, or a mix of both where your predispositions/tendencies fuel your entrenched and conscious desires is really up to you. Speaking from experience, using the perspective of doing methods that feel like you’re coordinating their existence is really more of mentally preparing yourself, and the rest of your mind to make the experience that much real to you. After a good while (which varies, and I don’t want to give you expectations to abide to), things will come by naturally. It’s vague, but that’s as far as we can go with anecdotes, experiential claims, and presuming good faith that those methods can make some breakthroughs.




Don’t be afraid to use the submissions linked above as supplements, and the key thing I could probably state to you is that if you want to feel them in some way (sentience, or just existence), you’ll have to create how you feel towards them. Creating a type of joy and awe that’s existential where you look forward to their seeing their existence in your perception, and being able to reciprocate with them for as much as you can with imagination, and whatever method you choose can bleed into how you act in practicing those methods. In other words, I guess one could presume that seeing this journey as something fun and adventurous rather than a chore takes a while to get accustomed to.


You don’t have to be happy-go-lucky and overly positive all the time. You can just practice being content that even though you don’t feel you’re not getting anywhere, you will eventually reach breakthroughs the more you keep going. It may seem like blind faith, but that may be something most of us probably will do in our initial stages. After a while, you’ll probably have your own collection of silver linings, contingencies, and ways to assess those doubts of yours, but it’s just a matter of trial and error, and developing experiential learning to reach that. When you go through that, that’s when you can gradually know what it means to you personally of knowing they’re existing with you, and for some, that’s all they really need to keep going.


But there are other ways, but this TL;DR would probably be an addendum rather than a summary.




Funny thing is that I had a dream that I met a French lady that came into my location, and was trying to get used to the culture over there as well. Probably just a coincidence, or a sign that I would be doing something like this with you right now.


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We seem to be a handful of frenchies here :)

I feel like Linkzelda pretty much of summed everything up, like always, so I can only wish you luck in your future experiences.

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