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Projection onto an Inanimate Object?

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I've been thinking. I have a stuffed animal named Tabatha who I've been with since birth; she's always been very real to me, in a way. She was like one of my imaginary friends when I was a toddler. I slept with her (still do), talked to her, took her places with me. I refused to sleep without her- and I even made her a promise that I never would. Which I tend to keep, and feel horrid when I don't.


I still talk to her as if she were alive, and have her talk back sometimes. She is usually a listener though, not a talker. I feel as if she and I have a deep friendship, like best friends. She's always there for me.


So I was thinking about all that today in the car. And I thought; she sounds a little like a tulpa, but she's not in my head. She is the stuffed animal. But I treat her a certain way, like with my tulpa Dante. Only instead of wonderland she's in the real world. You know. Since her body is an object. But with a feeling from her that makes her sort of real, and very close to me. It's like I've made a tulpa, and just projected it onto the stuffed animal instead of letting it live in my head. Or something.


What do you folk think about this? Do you think I've had a tulpa for a long time, and it's her? Or do you think it's something else? I mean, tulpas are thought forms. But Tabatha isn't exactly a thought form, is she?

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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You could very well have made her into a tulpa. The fact is though, she still is in your head. Not her physical form, but her personality and everything that makes her, her is in your head. What you are doing is exactly what the title of this subject says. You're projecting her into the object.

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Guest amber5885

Sounds like a tulpa to me. Her personality and essence is all in your psyche you just decided to use a stuffed bear for her form rather than creating one for her.


You can always try to give her another form if you want to that isn't a physical object but you may be in too deep with the bear to change it now.

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