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Recently during a conversation with my Tulpa I noticed that he would answer in different ways to the same questions. After some research I found out that some of the answers were made up by my brain. I have no problem differentiating between the real ones and the fakes.

My question is if there's any way to calm your brain down and to make it not interrupt?

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I would recommend getting into a state of mind where you notice your state of mind. Without interfering, you might be able to observe this internal chatter that isn't your sub-vocalization, that isn't your parrotting, or it could even include emotions that arise when nothing's really happening at the present time to bring them about.


This place of noticing can be deceptively difficult to stay in, but if you can stay there without interfering, then it's like the thoughts notice that they're being noticed and kind of quiet down like they're embarrassed. If you think of not thinking, though, it's counter-productive, that's why I say try not to interfere and consciously blot them out from that "noticing thoughts" consciousness.

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I would recommend getting into a state of mind where you notice your state of mind.


I do in fact practice meditation, but my problem is more with passive narration, while doing other things like walking the dog ore washing dishes.

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You'll probably have to get used to the concept of the monkey mind, i.e., the maelstrom of random and fleeting thoughts that may occur when you become more aware of them. Presuming you have the confidence of differentiating "real" thoughts to "fake" ones, maybe a paradigm you can shift to is not seeing your mind as some trickster trying to deceive from your goal. Instead, you could see your mind always having some part in this even if you want to intensely have inward focus towards the probability of your tulpa and you having your own private, subjective sphere of perception to where your mind isn't actively making what could be unconscious thoughts, feelings, etc. conscious to you, or you actively wanting to shift them into your awareness.


In other words, your own brain, which we can safely presume applies to everyone, has all sorts of processes to conceptualize and create a recollection of those experiences unique to you when it comes to what it means to validate yourself as sentient; then it’s just a matter of the mind creating a bleeding effect where it could apply to your tulpa.


If you want the augment the implications with your tulpa being sentient and distinctive in those maelstrom of thoughts, another concept you could foster is that even if those fleeting thoughts come by so rapidly, it’s your own decision to follow them through, or not, that helps define what you are; your ability to reign in whatever concept of self you have, and not letting random thoughts that don’t resonate with that concept you have get in the way because they can easily fade away when you absolve the reactivity to be aware of it.


And if your problem is more of passive narration, maybe the dilemma isn’t really just unconscious processes and thoughts in your head, but more of your reactivity level towards them, and your tendency to revel in them a bit more to where you feel you’re consciously orchestrating something, or feeling as if somewhere in your mental repository that they (your tulpa), can’t implicitly have that ability to reign in their own sense of self. So maybe it’s just a matter of furthering the propensity that they can decide whether or not to follow through on a fleeting thought, feeling, etc., and still be able to do other things at the same time.


In short, it’s probably just a matter of letting those unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions, reserved to what people could conceptualize as the “unconscious mind,” and letting it (metaphorically) do all the technical work with discerning fake from real; at least the type of “real” where it creates meaningful impact to you in accumulating those assurances that your tulpa can rise over those maelstrom of thoughts that’s always occurring in some way.


If anything, I could theorize that you’re interrupting predispositions and processes in your mind that could contribute to the experiences you have with them. It’s like feeling the source of where it’s all beginning is detrimental. It’s probably a circular attack towards yourself and your own desires, feelings, etc., and treating them as mere fabrications in pursuit of finding “real” ones specifically for the tulpa you want to continually to believe exists in your perception of reality.


There’s really no need to undermine your own sense of self just to augment authenticity of their own you’re desperately trying to differentiate from, is what I’m saying. I’ve seen people do that, and it does work for some, but when they try to salvage themselves after things are done, they’re back to being confused and doubtful somehow.



These are all presumptions though.

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