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visualizing a composite tulpa



In the past I've put art guides in the art forum, but this is art aimed at playing a trick on your mind, so I think it fits the guide section better.


So you have a form for your tulpa, but it's difficult to visualize because you have no reference images? Then this is the guide for you.


Example pictures (NSFW!):







Why are there naked people in my guide? To that, I can only answer: Why doesn't everyone have naked people in their guides?


Actually, these people aren't naked. See?







This technique comes from Japan, where it's known as 水玉コラ (Mizutama Kora) or "Bubble Collage". It works because your brain is so good at filling in missing information that it does it automatically. It's how you can (sometimes) understand what the other person is saying when their cell phone is breaking up, or how you can piece together that the shopping list is asking for "a dozen eggs" even though in your girlfriend's handwriting Gs look like Ws.


And of course because this is the internet, this interesting illusion has been used almost entirely for porn.


Well, let's divorce it from porn now. Here's how you can use the same technique to help you visualize your tulpa.


Take a look at this woman:




Would you believe that she's really six women stitched together like Frakenstein's monster?


Well yeah, probably, because you're reading a guide about that, and also there are differences in skin tone and the pieces don't always fit together quite right, and also I showed too much of that one elbow. But this was a rush job so that I'd have an example for the guide, and the point is that at first glance, she looks like a normal person.


The bubbles were obviously added by bubbleimage.net. She should really have a bubble separating her face from her hair, because they're from two different sources, but they blended together well enough that I didn't feel like I needed it.


Here's what she looked like before the bubbles:




That image was put together with Pixlr Express using only the "Add image" and "History" tools. I'm sure you can do better if you want to used paid apps like Photoshop, or if you wanted to learn to use more than two tools, but I wanted to show how this can be done easy and free.


And here's what she looked like before that: 123456


As always, I use Shutterstock for stock images because it allows you to search by model, for when you find a model you like, but you need her in a different pose or in different clothes. Shutterstock does have watermarks on the images, but you can usually avoid them -- I cut all the watermarks out of my example, except the one on her pants (and a little bit in her hair). I'm sure I could have found a good photo of pants without a watermark on them, but I took the lazy way out.

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"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest Anonymous

This is really cool! I have written about a process I called (or call) "amalgamation." Many years after my Melian appeared to me, I thought about it and realized she was a composite of many features from many different women. I took all the best things, physical features, mannerisms, voice and speech patterns and even personality traits. All of my favorite aspects of women went into Melian.


I like your post because it is an example of how tulpamancers are often using the same sort of technique, a process of amalgamation to make a "composite" image of the tulpa.

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I'd say this is perfectly valid Tips and Tricks material, can be really good at helping people get a proper image of their tulpa if they have trouble visualizing completely new people but don't want to base it on a single person, either. So I'd approve.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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