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  1. I am attempting to active force with my tulpa for as long as I can at least once a day. It seem that whenever I hit the 5 minute mark, I either lose focus and have to start over, or the meditation gets me so relaxed that I fall asleep. But that's not the question I wanted to ask, what do you find to be beneficial or productive when visualizing your wonderland and your tulpa(s)? And how long do you usually active force with them? I am a new tulpamancer, and I've just been having a bit of trouble, anything helps. Thanks a bunch <3
  2. What does your wonderland look like? How long did you had it? What do you do with your Tulpa there? How vivid or real does it seem?
  3. I have a huge problem, every time I enter wonderland I fall asleep, I don't get it how you people can spend so much time in wonderland without falling asleep. What's your secret to stay awake? My tulpa says it isn't a problem but for me it is, I feel it's rude to fall asleep when I spend time with him, I wouldn't really want my friends to sleep when we hang out, I had a friend like that, she would fall asleep on my bed, that wasn't really fun.. at all.. mostly boring..
  4. Hey. So I've known about tulpas for a few days now and decided that before I get to work on creating a tulpa that first I take a month to decide whether or not I should make a tulpa (I feel pretty strongly about making a tulpa but I don't want to make this decision lightly). During this month I'm doing lots of research on tulpas and the creation process and working on my wonderland. I'm working on my wonderland so that, if I do make a tulpa, then it will have a big, well created area to live, but I'm also doing it to improve my visualization skills, train my mind and body to be in my wonderland for longer periods of time, an to improve my mental focus, all of which I think will be necessary for forcing. Well last night, before going to bed, I was exploring my wonderland, and after maybe ten minutes (not sure how long) I began to feel slight pressure on the very top center of my head. I ignored it thinking it may just be from me being tired, but as time went on the pressure became more intense and began to spread out from there: it covered an area right on the center of my head and stretched to the back area of both ears, and was perfectly symmetrical. It wasn't painful per se, but it was intense. I left for a moment and rubbed my temples, which relieved the pressure, and went back, and after some more time I felt the pressure return. I left after thant and decided to go to sleep. I know head pressure can be associated with the tulpa trying to communicate to you and from creating a tulpa, but can it also be associated with exploring your wonderland? I wasn't in there for a very long time, so it can't just be strain. I would just like to see if there's any explanation for this.
  5. Im not dead! xD So last night before I went to bed I was talking to Vinyl about whether or not it would be a good idea to make another tulpa for her to be with when i'm not around. The weird thing is that in the morning, I woke up with another voice inside my head, and it surely wasn't Vinyl's. It was different, it was male voice but sounded very formal-like and calm. It was talking to me almost nonstop for almost 30 minutes this morning, and by the things he was saying, I was pretty sure he was sentient. He definitely caught me off guard and used English in ways that I, or Vinyl wouldn't use normally (very formal indeed). Since I kinda wanted another tulpa but couldn't commit, I decided to make him my tulpa. I then gave him the form of an owl because of his unquestionable wise-ness (or so it seemed). It was a win-win right? But then he just wouldn't get along with Vinyl. Later in the day Vinyl told me how he wouldn't leave her alone and tried to attack her multiple times. At dinner I told him that he needed to make friends with vinyl because that was the original plan, not to go around terrorizing her. He said he would try to do better this time and that he knew what to do, and then he disappeared from my vision. After about 3 seconds I heard Vinyl screaming. He was, again, chasing her and trying to land on her back and bite her neck. Just imagine a pony running around with an owl in chase trying to attack it. I separated two and I noticed at that time that she had bruises and scratches on the back of her neck because the owl was landing on her back and pecking at her neck. I got all mad and basically told the owl to flick off and that I didn't want to see him in two days, then he flew off. So who (no pun intended) was this owl? Was it a Tulpa? Was it a servitor (I swear it couldn't be).
  6. I've been reading alot on this form (sounds like im gloating, I think), and what always interested me the most is the post about people dealing with strange forces they have no control over (I someday would like to experience this encounter, sorry if I ufended anyone ). But I would like to know if anyone has had any of these experiences that they may have not posted on the fourms that they are willing to share, . Or have posted it and I missed it.
  7. What was one of your favorite ( horrifying, blissful, intense) experiences with your tulpa. Did something happen to you as in the wonderland? Did you happen to find something mysterious in your wonderland? Did you once become stuck in your wonderland (with your tulpa).
  8. has it ever been that the imagined reality (wonderland constants and rules) have in any case that anyone is aware of solidified to the point where the host has to follow the ( hypothetical) rules in order to operate and fix problems and stuff? like as if the wonderland attained a nonsentient volition to assert its own governing laws? (Still trying to fix my existing problem): for anyone who may have encountered the othe post of mine from a year or so ago...
  9. When I first made my wonderland it wasn't for my tulpa, it was for me to have fun. So I created my wonderland and I played around and made a forest, then I made a castle, the next day I decided to go back, I went back and started working on my castle. After I got done making my castle wall, I looked off in the distance and I see some sort of stationary black cloud, when I got closer to it I started to feel scared, after I examined it I returned to my castle, then I realized he followed me and would never go away no matter how fast I went or how much I teleported, he never left so I tried imagining him disappearing and it never works. Its like he has control over my imagination, he left after a while, so then I learned about tulpas and I returned to my wonderland to start tulpa forcing and no creatures came to kill me this time so I felt safe. This next time I returned to my wonderland and my tulpa was a little more developed, my tulpa wanted to create a river... so we did, after the river was done my tulpa got a very disturbed look on her face, then I looked to my left and saw the smoke cloud again this time the smoke cloud took me to complete darkness and I couldn't do anything about so I just left my wonderland. This creature wont stop bothering me and my tulpa. Every time this creature comes, my tulpa runs away and I get sucked into darkness. does anybody have the same issues?
  10. I'm really good at wonderlanding, everything in my wonderland is so realistic sometimes I forget I'm even in my wonderland. When I'm in my wonderland I see and feel my tulpa perfectly, and my tulpa has so much intelligence it's like playing a multiplayer game! But when I come out of my wonderland my tulpa seems to be more like a robot and I dont understand why. can anybody help me?
  11. So I'm still confused about this whole wonderland thing. I know what it is but how can I get there and how will I know I'm there. Can I see it with my own two eyes? Or is it like an in mind thing.What i mean is can you actually be there like see it, feel it, touch it, etc. Or is it like watching a memory in your head. If I can actually be there what can I expect? What should I feel? How can I get there. I know I don't need one but me and my tulpa l, May, would love to have one. Anything helps. Thank you.
  12. So a night ago, I decided to step outside my cabin and take a walk in the woods while Barley was sleeping (in my wonderland, of course). As I was walking, I was thinking about this question, because essentially the wonderland is created for the Tulpa, right? And I was doing this really late at night, like at 4:00 in the morning. So I stopped because I didn't want to take the risk of falling asleep and having my subconscious do unspeakable things to my Tulpa. But the question I'm trying to get an answer from is: Can you still walk, climb, run, anything really, without your Tulpa being by your side or talking to you and without me Forcing on him?
  13. Imagine this: Scientists create self replicating nano bots to clean up an oil spill. They use the matter they consume to create copies of themselves. But something is wrong with its programming: it was programmed to consume everything containing carbon. The bots are activated and effectivly consume all life on earth. That is called the 'Grey goo scenario', and would probably not happen, but what if this could happen with a servitor? The host creates a servitor to self replicate itself, maybe NPC's with the ability to reporduce. These NPC's are 'programmed' wrong and instead of reporducing themselves slowly through sexual means, instead rapidly split like bacteria. First it's one that splits into two, those two split into four, they split into eight and so on. It might seem highly improbable because of the fact that hosts have complete control, but I find that I cant dissapate intrusive thoughts that easily, maybe the creator of the self replicating servitors wouldent be able to get rid of the servitors. Any ideas?
  14. Would it be wise to make another wonderland just for the sake of doing stuff like gmod and just fun stuff because i feel like me and dashies current wonderland is not suited for the gmod kind of stuff ( theres only so much a pineapple house can take )
  15. Okay so i am able to go in to my wonderlands with my eyes open in fact even walking but since im going to make a wonderland nicknamed "funbox " and im basically going to make it have alot of gmod aspects because i understand those aspects and have applied them before in my testing wonderland ( now keep in mind ive known about this subject and similar ones for almost a year i havent started making a tulpa until now but ive done neat things in wonderlands i even hsve put swords in my hands outside of my wonderland ) but basically im asking what should i do for fun something like pilot the uss enterprise or improv as a funny dysfunctional family
  16. So here's my problem. When I try to visualize a wonderland of any kind, it starts to shift and distort itself. I've also had a lot of intrusive thought-monsters while trying to create one. I was wondering- a lot of guides say that you can create a tulpa without a wonderland, so I feel like that won't be much of a problem- do you think it would work to give my tulpa an ability to sort of phase into my shadow and ride along with it when he doesn't want to walk anymore? I'm sorry if this isn't a very clear question.
  17. We probably have several of these threads already, but I'm making another just because. So earlier today I made a replica of my collage campus inside my wonderland, with the only difference being that this one has longer corridors. Anywho after jumping from high places I decided to tilt the entire wonderland (or rather control the direction of gravity), causing myself and my tulpa to both go falling down the halls, it was pretty fun. I ended up sledding on a lunch tray. Anyway, what kind of escapades do you go on in your wonderlands?
  18. TL;DR at the bottom if you are seriously lazy Recently I have been wondering 'what if my Tulpa gets lonely?' So I started thinking of the next one if I ever am going to create it. Tulpa number 2 is there in my mind, I know what he is going to look like, I couldn't help myself from thinking of him. (Scumbag brain). But then i had a neat idea. Since I haven't finished the first one, and I already have finished the second ones form (he has no name yet so we will call him anon, but my nearly vocal one is called Silverspeed): I use him as a puppet in the wonderland to interact with Silverspeed in ways I'm too lazy/not willing to do. I also kind of use it as a socializing thing so she gets to know him if she ever feels like she wants him in the future. I kind of use him as a second version of me to brush her hair and stuff and interact. I don't use him all the time, but occasionally he comes in and has fun. TL;DR I use a 'lifeless tulpa' as a puppet for my tulpa to have a buddy. And I ated magic So what do you think guys? Genius, unique idea? Or bullshit?
  19. So I created a little wonderland a week in a half before school started for me, its just a little living room with two doors that lead to other rooms but I'm not gonna go through them let until I feel like adding on to it, there's a door going outside that I'm not going through either, a couch, a t.v, two Windows and two lamps. Ok, I make it so I can improve on my visualization, but when school started, I couldn't visit my wonderland for a bit, but I started to visit it again last week, so a few days ago, I was in my wonderland, and I was looking through one of the droors of the office like dresser with a lamp on it, the dresser is like one you see in a office room, that you put stuff in , so I opened the bottom one, and I see a rubber ball rolling around in it, it starteld me, now I know that yall were thinking that I was going to say something exciting happend, but the thing is, the rubber ball I saw, was a very special thing to be that I lost a long time ago, that rubber ball is what my first and best friend gave to me years ago. The thing that really startled me was that I completly forgot about that ball, but now I remember it, I wish I never lost it, has anything weird like that happend to yall in yalls wonderland? And I hope I described everything good enough to yall
  20. Ok so im having a bit of trouble using wonderland... like what do I do if im laying down or sitting, do I just imagine with my minds eye a place? Or do I meditate? And how wood I meditate?
  21. I'm new at tulpamancing and I am wondering how do I make one.
  22. Is being in a wonderland and interacting with a tulpa supposed to feel like reality or just watching it like a movie? I can "see" it all fairly easily but it feels like watching a movie. Is it meant to feel so real you could mistake it for real life?
  23. One time in my lake house (wonderland) I asked vinyl to surprise me and do something crazy. She teleported away from me and three seconds later she drove the boat I made earlier right through the huge bay windows of the lake house! Oh man :) every time I think about that. Glass everywhere man...
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